LAKEWOOD, N.J. – August 3, 2023 – BidChip today announced its new platform that makes it possible for semiconductor customers to efficiently buy electronic parts they need from brokers without risk. The platform authenticates all components and vendor partners, guaranteeing safe purchases.

There are many places to buy electronic components, but one of the most reliable and convenient options is through an online electronic component sourcing marketplace like BidChip. Its comprehensive online marketplace provides a wide range of parts from trusted suppliers, ensuring high quality and fair prices. The process reduces price gouging by directly connecting buyers and suppliers.

BidChip leverages a large number of suppliers to secure a fair market value for semiconductor demand. It has discovered a way to enhance and streamline procurement safer, faster and economically. The platform uses a bidding process where buyers and suppliers compete daily to increase prices through an auction and reduce prices through a reverse auction, leveraging technology to streamline purchases. It empowers buyers and sellers to trade online without the fear of counterfeit merchandise, overdue payments or fraudulent transactions.

“I developed a successful system that addresses semiconductor commerce issues,” said CEO and founder Moshe Hezrony. “We streamlined the process while providing a set of protection services for the buyer and the seller, enhancing trust. Buyers and sellers will be equally protected. Risky transactions can go wrong and our goal is to keep the platform and process transparent for peace of mind.”

The auctions allow vendors to seek fair market value by leveraging a large group of buyers to submit bids for the best price. The bidding process allows fair buyer competition. Every day, buyers are given instant access to daily component offers.

The reverse auctions allow buyers who are seeking parts to purchase them at a fair market value and leverage a large group of suppliers that bid on the demand. The bidding process allows fair suppliers competition. Every day, suppliers are given instant access to daily component demands.

BidChip gives buyers an online shopping experience advantage for small and medium-size businesses. Now they can shop for semiconductors efficiently and risk-free with the assurance that all parts are authenticated and funds are guaranteed.

Electronic component sourcing websites are online platforms where buyers can locate and procure a wide variety of electronic parts and components. These platforms offer a convenient method of sourcing electronic components from multiple suppliers worldwide. BidChip is revolutionizing the industry by integrating the trading system of online auctions and reverse auctions, plus offering escrow services and lab testing that make it a unique system where manufactures can concentrate on assembling the next innovation while BidChip finds the parts for the next project. Sourcing electronic components has never been easier, faster, more efficient and more economical.

Other BidChip advantages include:

● Verified sellers and buyers to add security.

● Auction with transparent pricing and bidding for equal opportunity.

● Reverse auction (Quest) with transparent pricing and bidding for equal opportunity.

● Integrated escrow services for safe transactions.

● High standard of lab test AS 6081 to ensure part authenticity.

● A comprehensive dashboard to streamline the procurement process

Hezrony added, “Imagine your satisfaction, establishing instant trust with any buyer or supplier. You can trade lab-certified parts, get paid through escrow and ensure your business is always up and running.”

BidChip offers lab tests and escrow services for dedicated buyers and suppliers for safe trading and reducing price gouging. BidChip understands the challenges of not being able to trade freely. The company not only cares about parts but also the safety of your business.

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