The SMTA China cordially invites you to participate in SMTA China East Conference held on 21-22 April 2021 in Shanghai. This event, held in conjunction with NEPCON China 2021, will as usual address the industry’s most pressing issues in Advanced Packaging/Components, Assembly Business/Supply Chain, Emerging Technologies, Harsh Environment Applications, PCB Technology, Process Control and Soldering Processes.

The Chinese and English version of abstract

Due Date: 28 December, 2020

The Chinese and English version of paper

Due Date: 28 February , 2021

The Chinese version of PPT

Due Date: 28 February , 2021

The paper must be presented in Chinese or English with a translator provied by your side. 30 minutes pure technical papers presented and 5 minutes for answering the question. Contact and Enquiry: Ms. Peggy Chen, Executive Administrator of SMTA China


Topical Areas Covered:

Advanced Packaging/Components
2.5/3D Packaging and Integration
Biomedical Packaging
Component Storage
Connector Technology
Copper Pillars
Copper Wire Bonding
Di¬ffusion Bonding
Embedded and Miniature Passives
Environmental Testing
Failure Analysis Techniques
Flip Chip
High Temperature Packaging
Lead Finishes
Magnetic Soldering
MEMS and Sensors
Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD)
Package on Package (PoP)
Photovoltaics and Solar
Silver Wire-bonding
Stacked Die
System in Package (SiP)
Through Silicon Vias (TSVs)
Tin Whiskers
Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)
01005/03015 Components/Assembly
3D Board Assembly
Additive Manufacturing
SMT Adhesives
Alternate Solder Alloys
BGA/CSP Assembly
Bottom Terminated Components
Cavity Board Assembly
Cleaning, Conformal Coating and
Connector Assembly to PCB
DFX/Design for Six Sigma
Direct Chip Attach to PCB (DCA)
Dispensing & Underfill
Epoxy Fluxes
Facility Layout
Halogen and Halogen-Free
Head on Pillow Defect/Warpage
Solder Joint Defects
Leadless Area Array Packages
Lead-Free Soldering/Reliability
Low Volume/Prototype
Non-Wet Open (NWO) Defects
Package-on-Package Assembly
Part Obsolescence
Thermo Compression Bonding
Underfill/ Corner Glue/ Other Polymeric
Business/Supply Chain
Capacity Modeling
Conflict Minerals
Contract Manufacturing
Counterfeit Parts
Doing Business in Overseas
Environmental Issues
Lean Manufacturing
Operations Management
Part Obsolescence
RoHS/REACH Compliance
Supplier Engineering
Supplier Management
Technology Roadmaps
Emerging Technologies
<= 0.3mm Pitch Area Array Technologies
3D Circuits
3D Printing & Design Rules
Advanced Packaging
Assembly to Flex Substrates
Assembly to Glass Substrates
Cavity Assembly
Consumer Applications
Embedded Active Technology
Embedded Passive Technology
Flexible Electronics
High Frequency
Jetting of Solder Pastes
LED Technology/Assembly/Reliability
Microsystems Packaging/Modular Microsystems
Nanotechnology, Materials, & Electronics
New Materials and Processes
Plastic 3D PCB to PCB Technology
Power or Thermal Management
Power Electronics
Printed Electronics Technology
Reliability of Nanodevices
Resin Reinforcement Solder Pastes
Sensors and Manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing Systems
Small Die Size Singulation
Solid State Lighting
Solar Technology
System in a Package
Thermal Interface Materials
Touch Screen Technologies
Virtual Prototyping
Wearable Electronics
Wireless Applications
Harsh Environment Applications
Adhesives, potting and coating materials for harsh
Advancement in test & Inspection methods
Alternate Energy
Battery Prognostics
Components and Reliability
Copper Wire Corrosion and Interconnect
COTS, Obsolescence and life cycle management
High Temperature Electronics & Soldering
Lead-free Issues and High Lead Solder Replacement
Micro-Computed Tomography
Monitoring and tracking (Traceability) production
Multiphysics Modeling & Predicting component life in
harsh environments
PCB Substrates and Finishes
Power Electronics
Ruggedization of electronic modules
Thermal Management
Tin Whiskers
PCB Technology
Any Unique PCB Plating Technology
Barrier and Seed Materials and Deposition
Bio-Compatible Substrates
Black Pad and Surface Finish Defects
Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF)
Creep Corrosion
Dielectric Materials
Embedded Passive/Active Components
Halogen Free
High Power PCBs
High Resolution Imaging
Low Loss Adhesion Alternatives
Low loss Materials
Micro-vias (including filled/unfilled)
Moisture Sensitivity
New Laminate Materials
New Surface Finishes & Solderability
Pad Cratering
Substrate Reliability
Process Control
Acoustic Imaging (C-SAM)
Benefits of AOI & SPI
In-Circuit Test
Process Modeling
Test Strategies
2D/3D X-Ray
Soldering Processes
High Melting Point Solder
Laser Soldering
Low Temperature Processing
Reflow Soldering/ Wave Soldering
Rework and Repair of QFNs (01005,
Leadless Components and PoP)
Rework Reliability
Robotic Soldering
Selective Soldering
Solder Jetting
Solder Paste/Solder Voids in Joints
Solderless Interconnections
Vapor Phase Reflow
Yield Improvement

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