CYPRESS, CA ― April 2019 ― Metcal today announced plans to exhibit with smartTec at SMTconnect, scheduled to take place May 7-9, 2019 at the Nuremberg Messe GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany.  Company representatives will demonstrate the Connection Validation (CV) CV-5210 Soldering System with new hand-pieces, BVX-201 Fume Extractor and AC-STC Solder Tip Cleaner in Hall 4, Booth 101. Additionally, smartTec will hold a drawing for a chance to win a CV-5210.

CV Soldering System

Metcal will show its CV-5210 with hand-pieces and assorted cartridges that transform the soldering system into the solution for even the most challenging soldering applications. All of the hand-pieces are now available with a number of unique tip cartridge geometries. The tip cartridges are available in a variety of temperature series.

BVX-201 Fume Extractor
The BVX-201-KIT is a two operator, PRE-HEPA-GAS volume extraction system for solder fume with two BVX-ARML designed to be used adjacent to the workbenches. Features include:
•    Two station design for dynamic fume extraction
•    New brushless motor, quiet operation
•    Complete portability placed under or next to the bench-top
•    Fitted with 2x 50 mm (2") ∅ arms or 1x 63 mm (2.5") ∅ arm
•    Main filter has a HEPA efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron, and an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases
•    Audible alarm informs operators when filters need replacing
•    Easy access on/off remote switch

AC-STC Solder Tip Cleaner

Metcal’s innovative Solder Tip Cleaner features a replaceable brush system that pulls excess solder away from the tip into a removable collection tray for disposal while removing oxidation from the tip. Solder tips represent a significant portion of the cost of ownership for a solder station, and Metcal’s new Solder Tip Cleaner removes oxidation and extends the life of the solder tip.

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