June 2013 cover



    Data Transfer
    IPC-2581 Consortium Update
    The consortium is on track to extend the standard to enable build-intent collaboration between PCB manufacturers and design houses before layout begins.
    by Hemant Shah

    Component Placement
    The Impact of Reel Splicing Kits on Setup and Changeover
    Everything from resistors to BGAs to odd-form components is packaged in tape-and-reel. Splicing kits can dramatically improve reel setup and changeover efficiencies.
    by Rob Sierra

    Outsourcing at Home
    OEMs are cutting time in new product development to maintain a competitive advantage. Aided by grants and better internal execution, some smaller EMS companies are taking advantage.
    by John Sammut

    Static Control Standards: An Annual Progress Report
    From components to wrist straps, a look at more than 60 documents that make up ESD control programs.
    by  The ESD Association

    Supply Chain
    An Onshore Wind
    Changing economics is moving contract assembly to North America. Here’s why.
    by Robert Sergio Simon

    European RoHS Enforcement Explained
    An Onshore Wind
    A UK-based expert on implementation and enforcement details the latest round of changes, and what we can expect in the future.
    by Mike Buetow







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