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Perfect Paperwork
Best Practices for Preparing Documentation
Electronics assembly documentation includes files such as design schematics, assembly drawings, test procedures, BoMs and more. Problems or omissions in this documentation result in delays and, in extreme cases, may lead to product deficiencies and quality issues. How to ensure documentation for the EMS company is accurate. 
by George Henning

Ensuring Accurate Placement
Placement must undergo various checks to ensure components are the correct ones and to locate potential problems. Matching pad and package sizes is one of the many ways to reduce errors during component assembly.
by Simon Ilustre



  • Caveat Lector
    Still like Ike?
    Mike Buetow



  • Global Sourcing
    What DoD cuts mean for the US
    PCB industry.
    Matthew Holzmann

  • ROI
    Do customers know what they want?
    Peter Bigelow

  • Focus on Business
    Program management certification.
    Susan Mucha



    • Screen Printing
      Throw out the area ratio rules.
      Clive Ashmore

    • Selective Soldering
      Fixturing applications.
      Alan Cable

    • Test and Inspection
      ICT for speed.
      Wee-Sheng Yong

    • Defects Database
      Inspecting flux prior to reflow.
      Dr. Davide Di Maio

    • SMT Troubleshooting
      Paste problems.
      Paul Lotosky

    • Tech Tips
      Digital pre-distortion.
      ACI Technologies Inc.

    • Getting Lean
      Dealing with shortages.
      Todd Baggett

    • Technical Abstracts
      In Case You Missed It.



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