Circuits Assembly September 2009 cover


  • Cover Story
    Research on Ionic Cleanliness Testing Alternatives to IPA/Water
    A study of alternative solvent mixes was undertaken to establish whether IPA-water mix could be improved. Following a down-selection of potentially suitable solvents, the mixes were applied to commonly available flux residues. The revelation: IPA water is limited as a cleaner and should not be a standard for analytical extraction tests.
    by Harald Wack, Ph.D., Syed Ahmad and Joachim Becht, Ph.D.

  • iNEMI Roadmap
    Information Management Gaps for Board Fabrication and Assembly
    Within board fabrication and assembly, improvements in information management are needed in several areas. The link between design and manufacturing, part traceability, and PWB systems all have new needs that can be addressed by improved systems.
    by Eric Simmon

  • Leda Corp.
    Aerospace Design and Assembly in Surf City USA
    When Boeing needs prototype assemblies, it jets on down to Leda Corp. With a new building and equipment set, Leda is preparing to take off.
    by Chelsey Drysdale

  • Chip Packaging
    3-D IC Bonding
    Supply-chain roles are changing, with EMS firms expected to take a bigger chip-packaging role. New 3-D ICs provide an opportunity to expand services. Here's a look at how these packages are bonded, including the advantages and limitations of each technology.
    by Chris Sanders



  • Global Sourcing
    The supply chain works best when diligence and consistency rule the relationships.
    Charlie Barnhart
  • Focus on Business
    Ramping EMS sales efforts.
    Susan Mucha


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