• ESD Control
    Walking on Water
    Winter’s dry air means less humidity – and more static. High-pressure humidification systems can improve air quality and reduce energy costs.
    By Pierre Husson

  • Cover Story
    Flux Selection for Lead-Free Wave Soldering
    This design of experiments clarifies the best types, best available flux within each type, and process limits for each, and also discusses the gaps between the capability of existing flux chemistries and requirements of Pb-free assembly, industry standards and customer expectations.
    By Douglas Watson, Jasbir Bath and Pan Wei Chi

  • Component Inspection
    An A-to-Z Guide to X-Ray Inspection, Part II
    The second of a two-part article looks at practical recommendations for production sampling and viewing various part types.
    By Dr. David Bernard

  • Productronica Recap
    Evolution in Action
    At Productronica, the most radical sight was the transit strike. But the venerable show didn’t disappoint.
    By Mike Buetow

  • iNEMI’s Emerging Technologies
    Research Priorities for the Electronics Industry
    The merger of micro and nano, chemical, and other sensors with micro- and nano-electronics could mean disruption ahead.
    By Alan Rae, Ph.D., Robert C. Pfahl, Ph.D., and Charles Richardson


  • Caveat Lector
    Sanmina-SCI: Poised for recovery?
    Mike Buetow

  • Talking Heads
    Syncro’s Ed Childress and why managing risk is essential to EMS companies.
    Mike Buetow


  • Focus on Business
    For EMS firms, finding the right trade show to reach customers is tricky business.
    Susan Mucha


  • On the Forefront
    The cycle continues.
    E. Jan Vardaman

  • Screen Printing
    ‘Ware’ it well.
    Clive Ashmore

  • Better Manufacturing
    Waiting for the revolution.
    Peter Grundy

  • Selective Soldering
    Selective soldering with Pb-free alloys.
    Ursula Marquez de Tino

  • Process Doctor
    Circuit board cleanliness.
    Terry Munson

  • Pb-Free Lessons Learned
    The engineer’s guide to chemistry.
    Chrys Shea

  • Materials World
    Solder spheres and packages.
    Dr. Renzhe Zhao

  • Technical Abstracts


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On the cover: A DoE studies wave-soldered SMDs and through-hole parts. (Cover photo by Vladimir Sazonoff)

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