August 2007 cover

August 2007 CA TOC


  • Korea RoHS/ELV Analysis
    Electronics Recycling in Korea
    The next big electronics producer to “go green” is Korea, with a national law governing electronics waste coming into effect Jan. 1.
    Junsik Yoon and Michael Kirschner

  • Component Placement
    Fastening Hardware Using SMT
    Traditional hardware options for assembling PCBs have baggage: time-consuming, exacting, and potentially damaging. But new fasteners specifically for PCB mounting can be placed and reflowed using the conventional SMT processes.
    Brian G. Bentrim

  • Cover Story
    Pb-free PTH Rework on a Thick, Heavy Assembly
    A study by a major EMS company found a forced convection platform, in conjunction with a solder fountain, dramatically reduced copper dissolution observed on a thick, heavy circuit board as compared with rework performed completely on the solder fountain.
    Robert Farrell, Paul Bodmer, Bruce Tostevin, Richard Russo and Gregory Morose


  • Caveat Lector
    ‘Engineering’ a new executive order.
    Mike Buetow



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On the cover: Copper dissolution remedies for thick, heavy boards. (Photos courtesy Benchmark Electronics)

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