June 2007 cover


  • SEAs 2007
    Synchronized Service
    EMS provider Synchronized Manufacturing Technologies, which swept five Service Excellence Awards this spring, details its customer service strategy.
    Chelsey Drysdale

  • Fluxer Performance
    Pb-Free Wave Soldering Flux Application
    Fluxer performance can be improved by reducing spray stroke timing to overlap the spray pattern. Other factors, such as increasing the flux volume, can also improve fluxing results.
    Ken Kirby

  • Cover Story
    Effects of SAC Alloy Copper Dissolution Rates on PTH Processes
    High copper dissolution rates of SAC 305/405 alloys are the driving factor for changing the alloy for solder fountain rework, a change that might influence the wave soldering alloy. This study found three promising alternatives.
    Craig Hamilton, Matthew Kelly and Polina Snugovsky, Ph.D.

  • 01005 Processing
    Mass Reflow Assembly of 01005 Resistors
    Assembly using common 0201 build parameters of Type 3 solder paste and 0.004" stencil thickness is demonstrated. Stencil artwork strategies, implemented across 27 different pad designs, show how assembly yield is influenced by aperture area ratio, component termination overlap level in paste, and tolerance to stencil-defined misregistration levels.
    Jeff Schake

  • Parts Purchasing
    Taking Stock of Component Procurement
    Component purchasing runs the gamut of potential issues and pitfalls, especially with procurement processes and policies mingled with rapidly emerging component technologies and end-of-component-life requirements. A look at the areas to consider to maintain efficient purchasing.
    Zulki Khan

  • PWB Finishes
    A Study of Planar Microvoiding in Pb-Free Solder Joints
    Dr. Yung-Herng Yau, Karl Wengenroth and Dr. Joseph Abys

  • iNEMI Roadmap
    Board Assembly Trends and Priorities
    Trends identified by major OEMs tied to the four main board assembly development drivers: conversion cost reduction, NPI time reduction, increased component I/O density, and environmental and regulatory compliance.
    Dongkai Shangguan, Ph.D.





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On the cover: Alloy additives help reduce copper dissolution and provide other soldering benefits. (Photos courtesy IBM and Celestica)

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