July 2007 cover


  • SEAs 2007
    EFD’s Customer Service Metrics
    The company has held a lock on the SEA materials category. Here’s why.
    Chelsey Drysdale

  • Cover Story
    Understencil Cleaning for Process Repeatability
    Ramping the cleaning frequency means lower throughput. There are, however, elegant and novel alternatives.
    Trevor Warren

  • Solder Testing
    Solder Paste Thixotropy Impacts Rheometric Results
    Attempts to meet ISO/TS 16949 have informed that a solder paste’s thixotropic history has a major impact on its rheometric characterization repeatability and reproducibility. A novel sample preparation method reduces the thixotropy impact in conjunction with enhanced plate/plate rheometry.
    Ineke van Tiggelen-Aarden and Eli Westerlaken

  • EMS Business Models
    An EMS Provider That Doesn’t Build Boards
    Taking “focus” to the extreme can mean giving up SMT assembly too. How one EMS firm chooses what to build – and what not to.
    Dawn Poirier

  • Products and Services
    2007 Circuits Assembly Buyers Guide
    A valuable resource for locating surface mount and electronics assembly suppliers.





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On the cover: Proper stencil cleaning boosts end-product consistency. (Photo courtesy DEK)

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