January 2007 cover


  • Packaging Substrates
    A Novel Low CTE, High Stiffness Ceramic Composite Core
    A new substrate meets attributes for solder joint reliability, dielectric reliability, low warpage and microvia reliability.
    Nitesh Kumbhat, P. Markondeya Raj, Raghuram V. Pucha, Venky Sundaram, Ed Bongio, S. Sitaraman and Rao R. Tummala

  • PCB Trends
    2007: The Year of HDI?
    Our survey of more than 5,100 subscribers reveals this will be the year microvias and embedded passives join the ranks of conventional technology.
    Mike Buetow

  • EMS Business Models
    Outsourcing Technology Enhancement
    One-stop shopping is highly touted within the EMS industry, but the formula has variations – and warts. Using strategic alliances to support application-specific technology enhancement can provide access to more specialized expertise and optimum resource utilization.
    Bruce Biggard

  • New Standards
    The Moisture Sensitivity Standard Goes Pb-Free
    The updated industry spec for characterizing components, J-STD-020D, gives the boot to the peak package body temperature (Tp) term.
    Tom Adams and Steve Martell

  • Cover Story
    America’s Best Manufacturer?
    Emerging from the shadow of former parent IBM, Endicott Interconnect Technologies is coming off its best year and primed for growth.
    Mike Buetow

  • ESD Controls
    Improving ESD Program Discipline
    A detailed look at how General Dynamics manages its ESD auditing and training procedures.
    James Colnar and Roger Peirce





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On the cover: Highly engineered boards are the specialty of Endicott Interconnect. (Photo courtesy Endicott Interconnect)

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