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1H20 AR3 water-based conformal coating is a high solids, fast drying, water-based acrylic for high volume, inline dip coating. Electrical properties are said to be comparable to solvent-based acrylics; adhesion properties and chemical and solvent resistance are reportedly superior. Meets MIL-I-46058C, IPC-CC-830 and UL746. Also comes as spray.

Aegis Traceability and Control Validation Kit validates manufacturers’ plant traceability and control. Provides physical materials and procedural guide to determine a factory’s traceability and control capability, and rates the results in a formalized matrix. These ratings demonstrate manufacturers’ capabilities, communicate these capabilities to customers or auditors, and provide a starting point for improving capabilities.
Aegis Industrial Software,
Practical Components,

The CHA-500 12-zone reflow oven is said to consume less than 200 L/min nitrogen when oxygen level is 800 ppm. Reportedly achieves temperature rise time in starting and profile changeover within 15 min. Flux filtration system contains chiller, enabling 2-5C per sec. cooling. High filtration fluxer reduces pot cleaning to 1 to 3 months.

The IR start sensor is for touchless board temperature measurement. Reportedly requires no in-process handling. A laser pointer helps find the best measuring spot. Is characterized by a profile reliability of +/-5°C and is said to permit increased peak temperature accuracy. The PCB is only exposed to as much heat as is necessary. Existing placer control boxes can be retrofitted with the infrared start sensor.

Dual Lane deploys two inline printers in a configuration, reportedly doubling line output. Said to deliver full inline production at high speed, while occupying a reduced line footprint. Includes options for front or rear printing, independently adjustable rail positions and software-controlled rail-width on both lanes.
These custom-engineered screen-printing systems are for manufacturing flexible circuitry, printed luminescent faceplates and other electronics products. Custom-designed for high yields and large format work. Are built to customer specifications; built on the Klemm screen printing press design.
Systec GmbH,

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