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The VacuNest compliant tooling system for printing, dispensing and placement machines has a working area of up to 330 mm x 330 mm; the tabletop configuration is said to handle shape memory tooling beyond board handling. Each module is a pliable anti-static chamber containing a foam former surrounded by polymer granules. The chamber reportedly can be profiled within 30 sec. to the shape of the work piece assembly or enclosure. Under vacuum, the profile can be retained indefinitely; can be reconfigured for the next job after assembly batch is complete.   

The Hot Beam 03 rapid IR underheater is a self-contained unit said to boost PCB preheat temperatures at the rate of 3.5ºC/sec. Set temperatures are maintained during soldering. With up to 50% of thermal energy from below, temperature of solder tips is reportedly lowered by approximately 50ºC. Is said to make traditional hand soldering risk-free. When shut down, it instantly returns to touchable ambient temperature. Is thermocouple profilable and stores 11 programs. Handles board sizes to 400 x 400 mm and any thickness.

Model SV1217SS spray valve and programmable controller SVC100 are said to direct a fine mist of lubricant to a moving part using time and pressure sequencing. Controlling the relationship between the lubricant start signal and the misting signal allows the lubricant line pressure to start momentarily after the misting pressure initiates, reversing the process at the end of the cycle. This sequencing is said to ensure a non-clogging system. For up to 400 cycles per minute. Viscosity can be accommodated up to 1000 cps.
I&J Fisnar Inc.,

Cadstar 10 is the desktop solution that is said to include more functionalities for schematic, library and PCB design, tighter integration with FPGA design tools, and an alternative schematic front-end solution: E³.logic. Offers the ability to perform version control at the parts and component level, store parts information in the PCB design, set up layer stacks for buried and blind via technologies and carry out impedance controlled routing. Includes ODB++ output for manufacturing, the ability to highlight nets using multiple colors, FPGA design integration, and an integrated parts library manager. Operations are available while working in a mirrored view in P.R.Editor.
PCB123 version 3.0 is a free circuit board design solution. Enhancements include real-time, bi-directional views of layout and schematic; customization via the software development kit; bill of materials generated and updated as the user designs; 3-D design fly-through viewing features and more fabrication options and services.

Sunstone Circuits,
The I&J9000 is Cartesian gantry design selected for a conveyor-fed process or for when robot movement is above the work, such as in a spray application. A remote meter and mixing head unit can be mounted on the robot’s z-axis arm, which is said to be capable of carrying up to 7 kgms running at 1000 mm/sec. Reportedly stores up to 100 programs of 3000 points per program, with repeatability of 20 µm and resolution of 10 µm. Is for applications of up to 800 mm x 600 mm.

I&J Fisnar Inc.,

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