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This solder delivery and inert atmosphere control system features a flow monitor that uses nitrogen pressure levels to indicate the level of solder in the solder pot, and a heated nitrogen path. Is said to provide accurate solder pot capacity information. Replaces mechanical probes. Has a method to ‘super-heat’ the nitrogen supply. Reportedly enhances flowed solder performance.

ACE Production Technologies,


The Ribbon Spreader Tip is designed to apply a flat 1" or 1.5" bead of adhesive. Snaps on the end of a static mixer. Is said to be ideal for any application where a wide, flat ribbon of adhesive is preferable to a bead shape.

Sulzer Mixpac USA,

The CR6000 forced hot air Pb-free reflow system is 12.5' long, computer-controlled, and has six individually managed upper and lower heat zones. Is said to have large-oven capabilities including a DT of ±2ºC edge-to-edge heating conformity integrated with a 3-channel profiler, and a motor-adjustable 17.7" pin conveyor over a 22.4" stainless steel mesh belt. Has an automatic oiler and an enhanced flux management system. Includes removable panels. The base unit includes a PCB air cooler. Optional water-to-air cooling is available, as is nitrogen atmosphere. Includes 5, 8 and 10-zone models.


Multicore DA100 is a dispensing grade die attach solder paste. Is said to offer thermal management, while providing ease of removal during cleaning. Is comprised of high lead solder with a liquidus/solidus range of 278°C to 305°C; has been optimized for higher temperature processes, typically in excess of 350°C. Has been designed so that the flux residues are easily cleaned with various solvents. Reportedly no incompatibility issues with flux residues and mold compounds. Is said to maintain integrity of copper leadframe. Has been developed to provide low voids, averaging less than 5%.
Henkel Corporation,
The Trident Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System E-Learning presentation is 17 minutes and covers control and cleaning technology; cleanliness testing and drying technology; discharge configurations; throughput configurations and general features. The presentation can be viewed, paused and navigated at any time.

Aqueous Technologies,

The M1 AOI offers 3 MP resolution, telecentric optics and proprietary lighting, for inspecting bond wires, die placement, SMT components and substrates. Footprint is smaller than 1 sq. meter. Works in- or offline. Options include magazine loader and unloader, top and bottom laser and ink markers, and remote location recipe development. Uses a standard SMT package library to simplify training and portability.


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