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The Firefly laser-based selective soldering system includes a new automatic development environment said to reduce program time. Improved algorithms and faster loop control reportedly enable automatic management of PCB characteristics and environmental factors. X-Y-Z control of the laser head enables control of the position of the laser beam, rotating it 180° around the pin or joint to be soldered.

Seica S.p.A, 
Reztore hand lotion is a clean, unscented formula in an 8 oz. squeeze bottle. Contains no fragrance or dyes. Is said to contain no silicone or other chemicals that may contaminate and cause solderability problems and corrosion of electronic components. ESD-dissipative formula. Will not insulate skin. Reportedly helps provide reliable path-to-ground when using proper grounding devices such as wrist straps or gloves. Helps lower skin electrical resistance. Contains vitamins A, D, E and aloe vera. Surface resistance is 106 ohms.

PicoDot Jet dispensing system deposits controlled amounts of fluid on hard-to-access areas, uneven surfaces, or in applications where a conventional dispensing needle cannot be used. Does not contact substrate. Speeds up to 150 dots per sec. Multiple configurations make it possible to dispense a variety of low, medium and high viscosity fluids. Capabilities include noncontact jetting, including 3-D substrates; covering areas with droplet arrays, with shot size starting at 0.002 µl (2 nl) to flow rates up to 300 g/min. (10 oz./min.); optional precision needle adapter; integrated heater.

EFD Inc.,
This 27-gauge tapered dispensing tip applies small, precise amounts of silicones, epoxies, lubricants and other thick assembly fluids. Designed for use with air-powered dispensing equipment; will produce dots and lines as small 0.008" wide. Is reportedly the smallest tapered dispensing tip available. Is silicone-free and molded from clear polyethylene. Is said to provide faster flow than straight dispensing needles when using thick or particle-filled materials. Features SafetyLok threads.
EFD Inc.,

The FP-1MAS-2 adjustable flatpack former and cutter is designed to form and cut leads to a surface mount reflow configuration with adjustability for body-to-bend, standoff height, and foot length with no tooling changes. Is said to permit various radii and lead thicknesses. Has a shuttle mechanism for transporting the component from form stage to cut stage. Die is designed to process one side of leads at a time. Adjustments are made via digital micrometers. A removable nest for component loading is included.

Manix Manufacturing Inc.,
The CT23NP inline PCB router combines fast, low-stress depaneling with an easy programming feature using Windows XP image processing software. A turntable permits one board to be cut while another is uploaded at the same time reducing tact time. Flexible vacuum pickup and fixture permits depaneled board and waste to be unloaded simultaneously and safely. Other standard key features include automatic alignment by CCD camera, efficient dust collector, extended bit life and safety door. 
Sayaka/Seika Machinery,

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