New Products

The Precision IRT is designed to cure a variety of coatings using both convection and long-wave infrared heat sources. Is said to be fast and energy-efficient. Features include independently controlled convection and IR heating modules; four-corner pneumatic lift; removable drip pans, and large area filters and stainless steel filter frames.

Specialty Coating Systems,
ElepguardSL 1303 Nano-AQ-FLZ is a water-borne conformal coating based on acrylate resin with nano filling agents. Is colorless, transparent and fluorescent.  Offers the properties of inorganic fillers without inhibiting clarity. The filling agents are said to improve the barrier effect – and thus film density – adhesion and chemical resistance. Is said to have high elasticity and mechanical stability, resist scratches and abrasions, and provide cold flexibility and thermal shock resistance. Meets IPC-CC-830 requirements. Solvent-removable.

Lackwerke Peters,
Inocart-MSD manages moisture sensitive devices. Has individual cell design and is said to manage multiple component reel sizes and waffle trays in a low relative humidity safe storage condition. Includes MSD tracking and timing software solution. Is available in two configurations: 66 individual cells and 33 individual cells. Features cells that disengage from the centralized “hive” when the door is opened. Uses multiple forced convection desiccant drying modules. Manages MSD levels of 2, 2a 3, 4, 5 and 5a.

Inovaxe Corp.,

A non-VOC polyurethane-based conformal coating is said to react with atmospheric moisture to produce a tough, flexible coating. Can be applied via select spray equipment. Reportedly has similar processing parameters and drying times as solvent-based coatings.

Non-VOC machine cleaner is said to eliminate solvent use when flushing through equipment, preventing coating deposits left in the machine from curing.



Optima II 7301 Express AOI features five cameras that reportedly provide full coverage of all detectable faults at production line rates. Is said to be ideal for Pb-free solder. Includes E.1 system software, including offline programming, barcode reading through camera, and improvements in the GUI.

Benchtop Optima II 5500 Sentry AOI is a full-featured multi-camera benchtop AOI. Features include Penta-vision 5 camera system, a quick programming wizard, offline programming, a flexible lighting system for complete defect coverage and automatic laser warp compensation.

Landrex Technologies Inc.,


The BVX-200 fume extractor is said to now feature brushless motor technology, zero dust generation and increased motor efficiency because of the elimination of brush friction; includes a remote power switch and a low airflow alarm.

OK International,


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