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System 120 benchtop wave solder system is for single-point or single-edge soldering and removal of ICs, including DIPs, QFPs, PGAs, connectors and odd forms. Is said to be ideal for short runs requiring selective soldering of single components. Has adjustable temperature range to 399ºC. Is for Pb-free or SnPb processing. Includes three processing nozzles.

The SL101 RoHS-compliant CE mark digital dispenser is said to be a self-teach bench-top dispenser with 10 memory locations to automatically cycle 10 self-taught programs. Other operation modes include manual-mode, enabling a dispense operation controlled by a foot-pedal, and timed-mode that will dispense at a preset time. Is programmed with touch sensitive controls, with dispense periods from 0.01 – 9999 sec. Available in 110V and 220V versions. Air input is 70 – 100 psi (5 -7 bar). Dispense output air pressure can be programmed from 1 – 100 psi. Includes adjustable suck-back feature.
I&J Fisnar,

A free, multi-part series of application notes explains how to control Linux-based PCB test systems. Cover the basics of using Linux in test systems; using Linux to control LXI instruments through VXI-11; using Linux to control LXI instruments through TCP communication; using Linux to control USB instruments, and using Linux in soft real-time applications.
Agilent Technologies,;
DataMan 100V verifiers are said to check the quality of Data Matrix codes to ensure only well marked parts enter the manufacturing and supply chains. Are reportedly easy to use and include automatic report generation; meet MIL-STD compliance applications. Measure label and direct part mark quality to industry standards, including ISO15415 and AS9132.

Cognex Corporation, 
The X2.5 is a high-speed x-ray system with programmable angle shot capability. Is said to be suitable for automatic solder joint inspection of double-sided PCBs with high throughput. Includes variable angle control from 0° to 45°; enables automatic inspection of bump solder joints (BGA hardball) or filling level checking of PTH/THT solder joints for connectors. Uses slice-filter technology for hidden or overlapped joints. Uses wide beam x-ray source with a radiation cone of up to 100°. Is said to have a minimal x-ray focal spot of 5 µm. Uses CMOS flat panel technology with a pixel resolution of up to 25 µm; object resolutions of 5 to 10 µm. The linear drive table can position the object with an accuracy of up to < +/- 5 µm and max accelerations of up to 1G; achieves test speeds up to 4 x-ray images/sec., including input and processing.
MatriX Technologies,
The Verifier H Series horizontal beam x-ray inspection system is for industrial, automotive and medical applications. Provides assessment and defect detection of components and assemblies such as inkjet cartridges, automotive sensors, castings, electronics modules and electromechanical devices, and medical assemblies. The four-axis, 360° sample manipulator reportedly provides unlimited viewpoints. Is offered in configurations of 75kV (FSX-H75) for general-purpose applications or 90kV (FSX-H90) for applications requiring additional power. Comes standard with a PC-based VIP image processor.
FocalSpot Inc.,

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