New Products

The FP-1MAS-2 adjustable flatpack former and cutter is designed to form and cut leads to a surface mount reflow configuration with adjustability for body-to-bend, standoff height, and foot length with no tooling changes. Is said to permit various radii and lead thicknesses. Has a shuttle mechanism for transporting the component from form stage to cut stage. Die is designed to process one side of leads at a time. Adjustments are made via digital micrometers. A removable nest for component loading is included.

Manix Manufacturing Inc.,
The CT23NP inline PCB router combines fast, low-stress depaneling with an easy programming feature using Windows XP image processing software. A turntable permits one board to be cut while another is uploaded at the same time reducing tact time. Flexible vacuum pickup and fixture permits depaneled board and waste to be unloaded simultaneously and safely. Other standard key features include automatic alignment by CCD camera, efficient dust collector, extended bit life and safety door. 
Sayaka/Seika Machinery,
These depanelers are said to separate panelized boards without stress. All models have dual upper and lower blades; the upper blades cut, while the lower ones guide the board along the score line. Reportedly cut as close as 1 mm from nearby components. Are available in motorized and manual versions. Include dial-adjustable speeds, acceptance of boards of unlimited lengths and adjustments for any board thickness. Most models include Plexiglas blade shields.
The JB1113-LF liquid dispenser now conforms to RoHS requirements. Features include timed pulse shot and continuous mode operation. Regulated air output controls the air pressure to syringe or valve and the vacuum snuff-back feature helps prevent any dripping or post dispense ooze. Air pressure, time and tip size are provided in the kit.

I&J Fisnar Inc.,
The XPM2+ reflow system contains enhancements to the conveyor, cooling, and electrical control system, as well as the software and user interface. Legacy thermal profiles are said to be directly transferable. Reportedly has excellent thermal transfer, resulting in minimal ΔTs, robust process control, and flexible cooling packages. The heater technology has not changed.
Vitronics Soltec, 
The Fluid Dispenser Pen with Nylon Brush Tip controls flux flow. Can be used with solvents, lubricants, masking, RMA chemistries, adhesives and water-based liquids.

The Dispensing Bottle hold larger quantities of fluids than the pens, while maintaining accuracy and precision for dispensing fluxes, solvents and various fluids. Capacity is 2 oz. Is ESD-safe. Uses a 2.5 cm-long capillary needle (0.25 or 0.50 cm inside diameter). Does not chemically react with such TCE or alcohol.

The IPA/DI Swab combats common ink stains and glue residues left during screen printing. It contains a non-aggressive cleaner suitable for use on plastic or metal surfaces.

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd.,  

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