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Menda HDPE Pure-Touch liquid dispensing bottles are available printed with chemical names such as Item 35395 “Acetone,” Item 35396 “Isopropanol,” and Item 35397 “DI water.” Imprints are said to be non-smearing and non-running. Are ideal for using multiple chemicals on a single workstation or work area. A square shape provides stability and allows compact storage. Pure-Touch pumps reportedly prevent liquid already pumped into the dish to drain into the bottle. Bottle capacity is 4 oz.

OUC-500 unloads PCBs from the wave. The ESD flat belt is 500 mm and can handle PCBs up to 17" in width. Comes standard with variable speed control and three topside fan arrays to cool Pb-free products. Framing system adjusts easily to meet most wave exit and off load height requirements.
Promation Inc.,

Visiprise Manufacturing 5.0 manufacturing execution system supports multi-mode manufacturing operations for multiple manufacturers. Reportedly permits complete component traceability, end-item-configuration management and regulatory compliance from one application for multi-mode manufacturing. Coordinates internal resources such as design, manufacturing, and supply chain functions. Includes production operation dashboard; advanced product and process certification; data collection enhancements for record management, and technical enhancements for implementation and support.

Visiprise Inc., 
WS-Series wafer inspection system performs macro-defect inspection at reported speeds of 115 wafers per hour. Has optional 3-D inspection module, enhanced camera technology, parallel processing and new wafer handling system. Using a high-speed time-delay-integration camera, performs macro defect inspection of unbumped wafers, probe marks, pre- and post-reflow solder bumps, and gold bumps.
RVSI Inspection, 

Reel-to-Reel (R2R) precision screen printing enables manufacturers to deposit advanced materials onto flexible substrates directly from the reel. Is said to be able to print onto substrates typically up to 150 m in length and 500 mm wide. Is said to be ideal for use with flexible printed circuits, organic LED substrates, non-conductive materials, fuel cell membranes and a wide range of foils, papers and composites. Applications range from rope lights and lighting systems to automotive instruments, mobile phones, RFID tag technologies and laptop PCs. Reportedly replaces the conventional transport system used to drive boards in and out of the print area with three vacuum beds and a clamping system.

The Precision IRT is designed to cure a variety of coatings using both convection and long-wave infrared heat sources. Is said to be fast and energy-efficient. Features include independently controlled convection and IR heating modules; four-corner pneumatic lift; removable drip pans, and large area filters and stainless steel filter frames.

Specialty Coating Systems,

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