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This high-speed robotic palletizing solution uses multiple robotic arms. Enables four-way orientation of cases. With full control of package label positioning, customers reportedly can showcase the same graphics on all four sides of the pallet, or orient barcodes to streamline scanning operations.

FKI Logistex,

The RD52 Vapor Phase reflow system is said to be ideal for higher volume production and inline processing. Offers adjustable pin chain conveyors, 4-zone preheat section, horizontal reflow position, left to right product flow, touch screen operation, integrated controls, SMEMA upstream/downstream interface, barcode capability and other standard features. Max. product size is said to be 18" x 15" x 1.5", with an operating temperature of 200 C° to 320 C°.

R&D Technical Services Inc.,

Aquavator stencil wiping fabric is said to merely require water to activate solder cleaning agent. Reportedly contains harmless chemicals embedded throughout ESD fibers. Said to be safer for people and the environment and to prevent spills, flammability issues and shelf-life concerns. Is Pb-free and vacuum compatible. 

High-Tech Conversions Inc.,

The Triton three-way dispensing system is available on the FiberCare line of fiber optic cleaning solvents. Is said to improve the quality of fiber optic cleaning. From a single can, users can dispense the solvent three different ways: with a hands-free mode to wet a lint-free wipe with solvent for cleaning connector end-faces, cleaning bare fiber or optical components; a dip mode to dampen a cleaning swab for cleaning connector end-faces inside alignment sleeves or fusion splicer V-grooves, and a spray mode to squirt solvent to flush contaminated areas such as alignment sleeves, adaptor caps or spray on any contaminated surface for cleaning. Changing between modes is reportedly instantaneous.

MicroCare Corp.,

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