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Parts Identification software is now available for Pyramax reflow ovens. The software will ship with these ovens, including the 100 models. The ovens use Closed Loop Convection Control, Windows-based Wincon oven control software, flux management, conveyor solutions and SMEMA.  
BTU International,
Q-Sight electronics quality management system is a product suite for electronics manufacturing. Is said to deliver online paperless production documentation, quality management and paperless repair. Interfaces with ERP, CAM and SPC systems, as well as to the PDM system CXInsight. Reportedly covers all quality aspects of board assembly. Said to provide individual product routing control and full WIP functionality. Can automatically view product data, trace products on the factory floor, and track the product lifecycle. Defects are graphically located.

Adeon Software House,

Aquanox A4651US is a low pH ultrasonic immersion cleaner. Is said to provide cleaning on all of the latest flux formulations. Reportedly provides solder joints with no sump side additives and consistent cleaning results with minimal bath monitoring. Is multi-metal safe, including aluminum and copper. Is a biodegradable aqueous solution that contains no CFCs or HAPs.
Kyzen Corp.,
Digitizer reportedly gets around the problem of how to test when the original CAD data are missing. Is said to repair or reproduce electronics systems and test them properly. Uses reverse engineering technology; can extract a DIF or CAD file from any PCB. Has a user-friendly graphical interface.

Auto Dip is a compact semiautomatic Pb-free solder dipping machine, reportedly capable of processing a single board or pallets of up to 490 mm x 320 mm in 2 to 12 sec. Boards are placed on a fixtureless ultra-fine needle bed, which is said to retain PCBs without components being dislodged when dipped into the solder bath. Solder is applied while surface tension “floats” the boards at wetting height. Activation is controlled by microprocessor at adjustable intervals, or by foot pedal. A built-in motorized skimmer removes dross as needed. Adjustments exist for dwell time, temperature from 220º to 299 Cº, and dipping angle. Startup and shutdown times are controllable and can be preset for up to one week.

The RFID Smart Reel Detection system uses RFID technology on reels of electronics components to complement traditional barcode labels during assembly. Is said to eliminate manual scanning of reels, by being automatically associated with feeders in a machine, offline setup area or storage location. Complements the Smart Feeder system.
Cogiscan Inc., 

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