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The IR-XT5 modular SMT/BGA rework system’s features include workholders from simple or X-Y benchtop versions to a professional version for miniature components. Pickup systems range from handheld vacuum tool to precision pickup. Options include split beam prism BGA alignment system and an auxiliary process observation: a secondary camera. A selection of heat sensors includes contact sensors, a non-contact IR sensor, or professional IR sensor with centered LED targeting that reportedly can focus a measuring spot as small as 2 mm. Offers options such as backheating and preheating. Uses ThermoActiv V4 software.
The K4000 PCB singulator depanelizes skip-routed PCB panels up to 24" long. Includes right and left blade guards, height-adjustable front and back support and take-up table. Available with optional light beam safety curtain across the front of the blades and a conveyor belt. An IR sensor on the end of the conveyor will stop the belt. Scrap pieces pass underneath the sensor beam into a discard bin. Tooling to help align panels is also available. Blades are tool steel and can be resharpened several times.
FKN Systek, 
The Weller Volume Fume Extraction System (WFE2ES) captures particles and pollutants produced by the soldering process. Is said to be ideal for solder baths, hot air soldering, micro soldering and adhesive applications. Has a reported filtration efficiency of 99.5%; the compact filter consists of an F5 class fine-dust filter and a Puratex compact H12 HEPA filter with active carbon. Can be upgraded to F7 fine-dust filter and an H13 HEPA filter. Contains brushless turbine; offers a low noise emission of 55 dBA. Can be used with extraction arms, exhaust hoods and extraction plates.

Cooper Hand Tools,

The Align Adjustable Height Workstation is said to provide ergonomic comfort, flexible functionality and enhanced productivity. Is said to be suited for repair, testing and R&D development. Can be adjusted for work-surface height from 25½" to 41½" through use of a motorized, hand crank or slide leg base. The motorized base can be preset with three height positions. Reportedly can support up to 1,000 lbs. Is available with butcher block, plastic laminate, and static dissipative work-surfaces.   
Lista International Corp.,
The Megam.o.l.e. 20 thermal profiler uses four nano-connectors. Offers 20 channels. At 7.2 mm, is said to have capacity for more than 25 runs before downloading data. Has three workflow wizards for set up, and M.O.L.E.-readiness indicators. OK button signals whether elements of the run are within pre-programmed parameters. MAP software is said to target ramp, soak, time above liquidous, and peak segments of the run; provides a single-page color-coded data summary. Runs with SuperM.O.L.E. Gold Profiler.
The TestStation Duo is reportedly the first fully concurrent in-circuit tester. Combines two independent test modules inside a tester frame; can perform simultaneous testing of two PCBs. Includes SafeTest protection, UltraPin II driver/sensors, and FrameScan FX vectorless test techniques. Is available in standard frame or as rack-mount components. Features Debug Pro and Production Pro user interface.
Teradyne, Inc.,  

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