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New communication software integrates process traceability and a monitoring system with a proprietary reflow oven. Is said to enable quick programming of KIC 24/7 by reading the current Seho oven configuration and set points, as well as automatic download of an optimized recipe. Reportedly prevents errors associated with manual inputs. Alarms can be integrated. Enables automatic loading of the correct 24/7 program once the reflow oven recipe is selected for a new production run with continuous process monitoring. Integrates optional features to the reflow oven line; includes automatic profiling, Cpk charting, process traceability and troubleshooting.

The WT-100-2C XL inline workstation is 1000-mm long and handles PCBs up to 18" x 18". Touts dual 500-mm drives, each with independent variable speed control, front work surface, overhead lighting and a rear parts bin panel. Current modes include check and pass through conveyor with both hand and foot pedals for PCB release. Other optional features include overhead tool trolley, tool balancer, additional parts bin panel on swing arm, eight-outlet power strip, and wire mesh shelf. Included for a limited time are six ESD jumbo-style hanging part bins. Offer 10 ¾" D x 8 ¼" L x 7" H storage and is ESD-safe.

Promation Inc.,
The KY-8030 inline solder paste inspection system is for high-mix/low-volume applications. Incorporates optical and image processing technology and feedback tools. Uses full parametric inspection algorithms. Is said to deliver results based on 100% inspection of every paste deposit. Reportedly programs in fewer than 15 min.
Koh Young Technology/Christopher Associates,
XF3 Pb-free solder paste reportedly accommodates extended reflow profiles without use of nitrogen. Is based on patented SN100C alloy, which reportedly has demonstrated long-term fatigue strength over silver-containing SAC-alloys. Is said to remedy copper migration into tin regions of the solder joint. Wetting on all common metal surfaces is said to be excellent. Prints at 150-200-mm per sec.

Cobar Europe,
System Caston boundary scan software is said to enhance integration with flying probe testers. Enables interaction between flying probe and boundary scan access for board level test applications, embracing IEEE1149.1 applications. Includes management of boundary scan and non-boundary scan components and automatic test program generation, using automatic pin fault diagnostic, graphical fault localization, and debugging. Has new control algorithm. Detected faults are diagnosed after test execution by means of intelligent pin fault diagnostic processors. Includes ScanAssist multi-mode debugger.

Goepel electronic GmbH,

NC162 is a third-generation liquid flux for use with high-activity, halide-free no-clean alloys, especially in palletized processes. Is said to work well with SN100C alloy, and for soldering through-hole and mixed-technology assemblies. Benefits include halide-free, Pb-free compatible, low post-process residues and activity to promote hole fill. Is said to become more robust in high-temperature applications. Can be sprayed, foamed or dipped.

FCT Assembly,

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