New Products

Model 900 ESD Event Detector is a diagnostic tool for manufacturing environments sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Is used to identify suspected areas of ESD activity. A voltage-sensitive antenna can be positioned near potential problem areas. Detection is conveyed via an audible buzzer and/or a visual color-coded light display depicting intensity. Alerts to potentially harmful (and invisible) electrostatic charging. Is portable and powered by batteries. A universal power adapter can be used for AC line operation. Is CE compliant.

TREK Inc., 
The Grab-eez wipe dispenser dispenses one wipe at a time. The double C-fold design gives each wipe an exposed edge to grab one wipe without touching the next. Is said to conform to good housekeeping practices and protects wipes from the environment until use.

Blue Thunder Technologies Inc., 
KIC Vision is now available with additional automatic capabilities. Is said to automatically measure a product’s thermal profile as frequently as once an hour. Can shut down the feed conveyor when the measured profile is no longer in spec. The optional SPC package automatically logs basic SPC charts, including Cpk, every time a new profile is measured. Will warn when the next profile’s Cpk level has dropped below the user selected level. Both the alarming and SPC functions can trigger a light tower to alert a technician of a problem. Data collected can be output automatically to an external file for further data management.
The Slot-Lok circuit board shielding design and manufacturing process uses standardized manufacturing methods. Shields are made from RoHS-compliant materials said to be effective for soldering, corrosion resistance and shielding. Has an audible click that confirms secure retention of the CBS cover.
Leader Tech, 
Permalex Paste Manager self-cleaning squeegee has a powerful, motorized, compact assembly and reportedly reduces solder paste adhesion by 90%. A small shuttle blade reciprocates along the front face of the main metal squeegee and cuts away solder paste attached to the squeegee. Can be dropped into a wide selection of inline and batch SMT printers. 

Transition Automation,

BC-60 and BC-100 conveyors have 3-mm wide ESD edge belts and handle PCBs up to 18" wide. Features include variable speed control, front ESD work surface with grounding strap (green or royal blue mats available), Inspect and Pass mode selection with hand and foot pedal for PCB release, and PLC. BC 60 is 600 mm long with a single drive; BC 100 comes with single 1M drive or two 500 mm drives.


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