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The X2.5 is a high-speed x-ray system with programmable angle shot capability. Is said to be suitable for automatic solder joint inspection of double-sided PCBs with high throughput. Includes variable angle control from 0° to 45°; enables automatic inspection of bump solder joints (BGA hardball) or filling level checking of PTH/THT solder joints for connectors. Uses slice-filter technology for hidden or overlapped joints. Uses wide beam x-ray source with a radiation cone of up to 100°. Is said to have a minimal x-ray focal spot of 5 µm. Uses CMOS flat panel technology with a pixel resolution of up to 25 µm; object resolutions of 5 to 10 µm. The linear drive table can position the object with an accuracy of up to < +/- 5 µm and max accelerations of up to 1G; achieves test speeds up to 4 x-ray images/sec., including input and processing.
MatriX Technologies,
The Verifier H Series horizontal beam x-ray inspection system is for industrial, automotive and medical applications. Provides assessment and defect detection of components and assemblies such as inkjet cartridges, automotive sensors, castings, electronics modules and electromechanical devices, and medical assemblies. The four-axis, 360° sample manipulator reportedly provides unlimited viewpoints. Is offered in configurations of 75kV (FSX-H75) for general-purpose applications or 90kV (FSX-H90) for applications requiring additional power. Comes standard with a PC-based VIP image processor.
FocalSpot Inc.,
The Spectrum S-920 series of scalable dispensing features software and hardware control based on Fluidmove XP software with process control features. Rapid response heater system reportedly minimizes startup time and delivers uniform heat across entire part surface. Controlled process heat software can be added. Includes programmable fluid and valve pressure, mass flow control, calibrated process jetting, and a digital vision system. Can be configured with single or dual lanes, and one to three heat stations. Platform can be upgraded and configured to meet dispensing requirements. Uses noncontact jetting technology for applications such as stacked die underfill, chip scale package underfill, and UV gaskets for LCDs. Reportedly dispenses into 200 µm gaps; offers dispensing with flow rates up to 500 mg/sec. and shot rates up to 200 dots/sec. Footprint is 600 x 1321 mm with a single heat station, 850 mm x 1321 mm for two heat stations, and 1100 x 1321 mm for three.
Hysol PC62 toluene-free conformal coating is based on the Hysol PC52 platform; is a one-component solvent-based acrylic conformal coating. Is reportedly quick drying. Designed for harsh environments, particularly automotive, military, aerospace, industrial and consumer avionics applications. Is compliant with UL746 and IPC-CC-830 requirements; is suited to application with non-atomized selective spray coating equipment.
The Quadris-3 quad-gantry model achieves a reported maximum throughput of 95,000 cph by maximizing SW sequences and minimizing delay times between motion sequences. Uses the same software and hardware as the Quadris-S, but with improved ease of use and maintenance. Handles components from 0201 to 44 x 44 mm, in tape and tray feeders including dual-track feeders. Transparent acryl cover on the top and side enhances visibility.

Universal Instruments ,
The ShareGen SPA 1000 Solder Paste Analyzer provides testing to control and manage solder paste in the production process. Is said to reduce a range of defects, including missing components, tombstoning, component misalignment, and non-wetting. Reportedly can perform up to six separate tests. Can be used to conduct solder paste open time testing.
Ascentech LLC,

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