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The ShareGen SPA 1000 Solder Paste Analyzer provides testing to control and manage solder paste in the production process. Is said to reduce a range of defects, including missing components, tombstoning, component misalignment, and non-wetting. Reportedly can perform up to six separate tests. Can be used to conduct solder paste open time testing.
Ascentech LLC,
The System 855A benchtop rework station’s profiling adjustments include push-button settings for temperature, airflow volume and duration. Unit proceeds automatically through three preheating zones and two reflow zones before auto shutoff. Up to 10 profiles can be stored in the memory. Has temperature range of up to 350°C. Includes external thermocouple on the PCB and an adjustable ceramic underheater. The production cycle begins as a heating nozzle is attached to the head, and then z-lowered onto the component. When reflow is complete, the head is automatically lifted, as solder residue is cleared.

Loctite 3508 cornerbond underfill material for BGA and CSP devices is a one-component epoxy that is pre-applied to the board at the corners of the CSP pad site using a standard dispensing system. Can be applied inline with existing capital equipment, with curing during the solder reflow process. Is Pb-free compatible and permits rework. Has a pot life greater than 30 days. 
Henkel Corporation,
Siplace X4i placement machine is said to have a speed rating of 102,000 cph per IPC-9850, and a maximum theoretical performance rating of 135,500 cph. Features a dual conveyor, in which each of the two heads populates one board independently of the other, shortening travel between feeders and PCB. A third transport track moves PCBs through the machine to be processed in parallel on another machine. Another feature pushes two boards together on a single track and processes them as a single board.

Indium8.9 no-clean Pb-free solder paste reflows in air and is said to be probe testable, low voiding at via-in-pad and in BGAs/CSPs, and easy to print and wet. Formulated to produce consistent print volumes even through stencil apertures below 0.66 ratios. Voiding reportedly in 5% range over many profiles when soldering BGAs with via-in-pad.

Indium Corp. of America,

PowerstrateXtreme Dispensable (PSX-D) is a phase change material that is said to offer many advantages of thermal greases. Remains solid at room temperature; becomes liquid when exposed to heat. Wets surfaces and fills surface irregularities with thermally conductive particulates. Thickness can be adjusted depending on the requirement. Can be stenciled, needle-dispensed, screen-printed or manually applied onto a heat sink or other surfaces. Cures and dries into a solid phase change material. Can be used as a TIM2 material for between microprocessors, IGBT, FBDIMM/Memory, GPU, MCMs, ASICs and active heatsinks. Is reworkable and repeatable. 


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