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Fourteen Megapixel fixed focal length lenses have been added to the Low Mag Video Lens line. Designed for megapixel cameras. 1" and 2/3" Megapixel lenses are compact in size and reportedly offer low distortion and excellent resolution. Provide light transmission and brightness from center to edge. 1" is available with focal lengths from 8 mm to 75 mm; 2/3" offers focal lengths from 5 mm to 100 mm. Manual focus, iris and locking screws come standard. 
Navitar Inc.,

The free CircuitSpace ROI calculator reportedly helps quantify time and cost benefits. Customers are said to have achieved up to 5x returns on their investment within the first year. Includes AutoClustering technology, intelligent design (IP) reuse, and replication. The calculator is available at
DesignAdvance Systems Inc.,
EMA Design Automation Inc.,
The HD Grid-Lok automated tooling system is designed to support the entire PCB assembly without manual intervention. Includes 12 mm pin pitch. Said to eliminate setup overheads. Is designed for high changeover manufacturing environments. Is based on a modular foundation philosophy; said to conform to any given board profile. Can be reset in seconds. Conforms to individual substrate topographies, with pins automatically locked into position.
Ovation Products,
The Fineview Video Microscope Workstation is said to permit detailed inspection and analysis of small PCBs and components for defect diagnostics, monitoring of rework results or repair-by-hand applications. Comes as an all-in-one solution, including top camera, TFT screen, LED lighting, clamping support, laser pointer and multi-function control panel. Offers up to 25x motorized zoom magnification. Includes autofocus and manual focus and four integrated high-contrast power LEDs, as well as brightness control. Designed to reduce surface reflections when viewing from the top. Is PC-independent.

J501-45 Maxi-router inline depaneler handles PCBs from 50 x 50 mm to 470 x 470 mm. The input conveyor uses a buffer segment before milling.  The spindle on the underside of the PCB is connected to a dust remover. Is equipped with a continuous scrap part outfeeding system and a DXF converter. The upper robot is equipped with four servo-motor driven axes. 

Rohwedder Group, JOT Automation Ltd.,
Menda HDPE Pure-Touch liquid dispensing bottles are available printed with chemical names such as Item 35395 “Acetone,” Item 35396 “Isopropanol,” and Item 35397 “DI water.” Imprints are said to be non-smearing and non-running. Are ideal for using multiple chemicals on a single workstation or work area. A square shape provides stability and allows compact storage. Pure-Touch pumps reportedly prevent liquid already pumped into the dish to drain into the bottle. Bottle capacity is 4 oz.


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