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The iSpector 350 AOI platform features synthetic imaging. Is said to deliver optimum defect balance ratio. Is suitable for PCBs up to 350 x 250 mm. Is programmable through its component library or with a golden board. Includes prototype mode for first-off inspection and upgradeable lighting. Desktop configuration is upgradeable to inline operation.

Marantz Business Electronics,
The MX-PTZ Precision Tweezer hand-piece for the Metcal MX-500 Soldering/Rework System uses SmartHeat. Soldering cartridges are available in a variety of sizes for reworking both discreet and SOIC components. Is said to reduce stress on PCBs during rework operations without damaging package. Thermally applies heat to the end caps of devices while mechanically gripping the component during removal. Features double-sided pivot and dual position pitch adjustment. Includes adjustable tip alignment for height and rotation.

OK International,

Hakko FX-951 compact soldering station is said to fit on the palm of your hand. Features heat transfer and thermal recovery, a lockout key card that reportedly prevents accidental or unauthorized temperature settings, auto shutoff after 30 min. of non-use, and sleep mode functionality.
Hakko FM-204 desoldering station features a built-in vacuum pump, a gun or pencil style desoldering hand-piece, quickchange composite nozzles (N3 series), a lockout key card, and sleep mode functionality. Can be used as soldering station. Temp. range 200° - 450°C.
Hakko FM-203 dual port soldering system offers two ports that reportedly can be used for multiple tools, including two soldering irons or any combination of soldering iron and SMD hot tweezer, SMD mini hot tweezer or the desoldering tool. Also features sleep mode, process control, a lockout key card and auto shutoff.
Hakko Products Inc., 
Altium Designer 6.8 includes a 3-D PCB visualization engine. Reportedly permits designers to see exactly how the manufactured board will look. Includes 300 new features that are said to simplify designing electronics systems, harnessing new technologies and integrating the electronics design processes with the rest of an organization. Can rotate and flip designs, navigate around components, zoom into the bare board down, and dive beneath the surface of the board to explore inner layers. Board-level additions include differential pair support for interactive track length tuning feature; can adjust the lengths of both traces of differential pairs simultaneously. Metafile data can be pasted directly from Windows clipboard into a PCB design. Has OpenBus graphical editor.

Altium Limited,

The Vigon RC 101 spray bottle redesign arose from research showing a need for an enhanced cleaning agent stream. Stream can be adjusted to spray on most oven surfaces’ shape and configuration. Said to reduce amount of spray action. Has wide-angle nozzle. Includes point-to-point spraying feature. Is designed for 1 liter spray bottle. Has no flash point and can be applied directly onto cold or warm oven surfaces. Tested with eutectic and Pb-free flux residues.
Zestron America,

China's State Environmental Protection Administration has issued Order No. 40, Management Measures for the Control of Environmental Pollution by Electronic Waste. This regulation goes into effect Feb. 1 and outlines the government’s approach to managing electronics waste. The regulation includes a producer responsibility clause in Article 14. Translated to English.

Design Chain Associates LLC,,

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