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Desktop systems for hot bar bonding applications use pulsed heat technology; can be used for hot bar reflow soldering, ACF bonding, heat-seal bonding and heat staking. Provide a method for joining flexible circuits, edge connectors, ribbon cables and PCMCIA connectors to PCBs or substrates. Are a series of modular systems consisting of a pulsed heat power supply (Uniflow), a pneumatic bonding head and a quick connect block with thermo-plane thermode. Modules are mounted on an adjustable frame. Can be upgraded with a left-right slide, front-rear slide, and a manual or pneumatic 2-position index table. Available options include camera alignment modules, Kapton or Silicon interposer feeders, water-cooling and fume extraction.

Miyachi Unitek, 

Select Coat SL-940E conformal coating dispenser is said to have up to 30% faster throughput, a vision system, closed-loop process controls, traceability, and advanced integrated software. A motion system attains 750 mm per sec. speed and 1 g peak acceleration. Accommodates product sizes up to 500 mm. Enables velocity with up to 2 kg payload. Has a dispense area of 500 x 475 mm. Viscosity control system and SC-204 and SC-205 film coater modules are available. The Swirl Coat SC-300 applicator is a three-mode swirl system, while the PreciseCoat SC-400 jet applicator can be used for high selectivity applications. Downdraft and spill containment are integrated.
The film base connector is said to provide a small space interconnection with high-density flexible circuits. Micro bump arrays built on thin film substrates reportedly reduce the thickness of the connection height by more than 70% to 300 µm thick for over 100 pins.
With printable flexible electronics, finer patterns than 30 µm line and space reportedly can be generated with smaller via holes than 80 µm diameters for double sides or multi-layer flexible circuits. The multiple screen printing processes enable embedded passive for all of LCR and active components with thin flexible substrates, including polyimide and polyethylene naphthalate films.
DKN Research, 
The XiDAT XD7500NT digital x-ray inspection system is said to have submicron inspection capability and sealed tube technology. Reportedly provides oblique angle viewing of up to 70° for any position 360° around any point of the 18" x 16" inspection area. Comes standard with the Dage NT x-ray tube; provides feature recognition to 950 nm. Real-time digital inspection of 1.3 MP viewed on a 20" flat panel LCD display. System magnification up to 7,400x. Is equipped with ImageWizard software.
Dage Precision Industries Ltd., 
The Datron IVS is housed in a metal chassis. Is mounted to the Z-axis of machining centers. Said to identify fiducials within a 20 mm area; feeds offset data into Windows-based software. Can automatically adjust for skew or image-to-edge variance. In instances where a fiducial or crop mark is not found, the program pauses and gives the option of aborting or retrying. Pins ensure the part is on the fixture properly. Reportedly reduces and compensates for improper setups. Features are said to include a camera with light ring, images and cross-hairs on display, live pictures, teaching of new fiducials, capturing and storing of pictures and fiducials, image calibration, adjustment of brightness, gain and contrast (manual and automatic), a 20 x 16 mm display window, operating distance approx. 100 mm, resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels and accuracy +/-0.02 mm.

Datron Dynamics Inc.,
The YTV M1m AOI system includes a 3 MP thin camera and Fusion lighting. Is said to have a smaller footprint and board handling system; can adapt to pre- or post-reflow inspection and various rework and data tracking scenarios. Programming is intuitive. With CAD data input, a complete recipe reportedly can be completed in less than an hour. Includes an offline programming option. Uses several image processing algorithms. Tools include real-time color, normalized gray scale correlation, pattern matching and binary "blob” analysis.

YESTech Inc.,

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