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The M1 AOI offers 3 MP resolution, telecentric optics and proprietary lighting, for inspecting bond wires, die placement, SMT components and substrates. Footprint is smaller than 1 sq. meter. Works in- or offline. Options include magazine loader and unloader, top and bottom laser and ink markers, and remote location recipe development. Uses a standard SMT package library to simplify training and portability.


“How to Optimize Your Assembly Operations” is a free, 12-page guide comparing synchronous and non-synchronous flexible assembly conveyors, complete with supporting illustrations and charts. Includes a detailed diagram of a non-synchronous pallet-based modular conveyor with callouts of all major components. Features tips on when to consider modular conveyors, and a listing of benefits of modularity, including phased implementation; integration of automated processes; line balance flexibility; integration of test functions; implementation of process controls; material flow options; reduced work-in-progress; improved ergonomics; reduced footprint and reusability. Also offers illustrations of how the modular conveyor line can be reconfigured or expanded over time, as well as system configurations.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.,

Siplace Fast System Recovery v. 1.0 software ensures line computers can be made operational again after such problems as hard drive disk errors and accidental file deletions. Creates fast and highly configurable data backups on local media or servers over the Siplace network. Provides reliable data restoration by identifying the data’s source and target locations. Backs up specific directories and files or the entire hard disk in the form of an image. This backup can be written to a local USB stick or DVD writer, or to a central server on the Siplace network. Is administrator-controllable.

System 120 benchtop wave solder system is for single-point or single-edge soldering and removal of ICs, including DIPs, QFPs, PGAs, connectors and odd forms. Is said to be ideal for short runs requiring selective soldering of single components. Has adjustable temperature range to 399ºC. Is for Pb-free or SnPb processing. Includes three processing nozzles.

The SL101 RoHS-compliant CE mark digital dispenser is said to be a self-teach bench-top dispenser with 10 memory locations to automatically cycle 10 self-taught programs. Other operation modes include manual-mode, enabling a dispense operation controlled by a foot-pedal, and timed-mode that will dispense at a preset time. Is programmed with touch sensitive controls, with dispense periods from 0.01 – 9999 sec. Available in 110V and 220V versions. Air input is 70 – 100 psi (5 -7 bar). Dispense output air pressure can be programmed from 1 – 100 psi. Includes adjustable suck-back feature.
I&J Fisnar,

A free, multi-part series of application notes explains how to control Linux-based PCB test systems. Cover the basics of using Linux in test systems; using Linux to control LXI instruments through VXI-11; using Linux to control LXI instruments through TCP communication; using Linux to control USB instruments, and using Linux in soft real-time applications.
Agilent Technologies,;

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