Congratulations to the 2022 winners!

Arch Systems: Software – Process Control (ArchFX Analytics)
CyberOptics: Test and Inspection – SPI (SQ3000+)
Europlacer Americas: Component Placement – Accessory Technologies (ii-Tab)
Europlacer Americas: Component Placement – High Speed (ii-A2)
EVS International: Soldering – Alternative (EVS 11KLFHS)
Heller Industries: Soldering – Reflow (Convection) (MKV-VF)
Indium Corporation: Adhesives (NC-702)
Juki Automation Systems: Component Placement – Multi-Function (JM-50)
Juki Automation Systems: Component Storage (ISM UltraFlex 3600S)
Koh Young America: Process Control Tools (Neptune C+)
Kyzen: Cleaning Materials (Aquanox A4626)
Omron: Test and Inspection – AOI (VT-S1080 3D AOI)
1 Click SMT: Soldering – Selective (MAS-i4)
PSA Systems: Automation Tools (Matrix Automatic SMT Support Tooling)
Scienscope International: Labeling Equipment (Scienscope IMS-200)       
SPEA: Test and Inspection – ICT (T300 Board Tester)
VJ Electronix: Test and Inspection – AXI (Apogee 90)   

Past Winners


Accu-Assembly: Component Storage (Accu-Stock)
Accu-Assembly: Labeling Equipment (AccuID)
Anda Technologies USA: Dispensing Equipment (iCoat-6)
ASM Assembly Systems: Training Materials (ASM Academy Digital Training)
Brady Corporation: Automation Tools (ALF19-XS Label Feeder)
BTU International: Soldering – Reflow (Health Check Services)
ECD: Selective Soldering Tools and Accessories (SelectiveRIDER)
Elsyca: Plating (Elsyca CuBE)        
EVS International: Soldering – Alternative (EVS 18KLF)
Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas: Component Placement – High-Speed (Decan S1)
Henkel Corporation: Thermal Interface Materials (Bergquist microTIM mTIM 1000)
Indium: Cored Wire (CW-232)
Juki Automation Systems: Soldering – Selective (iCube HighFlex)
Koh Young America: Software – Process Control (KSMART)
Kyzen: Cleaning Materials (Aquanox A4382 OA)
MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions: Soldering Materials (Alpha OM-372)
MIRTEC: Test and Inspection – AOI (MV-6Z Omni)
Omron: Test and Inspection – SPI (CKD VP9000)
SelecTech: ESD (FreeStyle ESD Plus)
Viscom: Test and Inspection – AXI (iX7059)

Past Winners


Air-Vac Engineering: Rework and Repair Tools (AVX250)
Anda Technologies: Cleaning Equipment (AP-3P)
Anda Technologies: Curing Ovens (VCO Series)
ASM Assembly Systems: Component Placement – Accessory Technologies (Siplace SmartFeeder AutoRefill)
Cogiscan: Software – Production (Quality Driver Software Suite)
CyberOptics: Software – Process Control (CyberCMM)
CyberOptics: Test & Inspection – SPI (SQ3000)
Data I/O: Device Programming (PSV2800)
Hanwha Techwin: Component Placement – High Speed (HM520)
Henkel: Thermal Interface Materials (Bergquist GAP Pad TGP 10000ULM)
Indium: Soldering Materials (Durafuse)
Inspire Solutions: Automation Tools (Toolmaker)
ITW EAE: Soldering – Wave (Electrovert DwellFlex 4.0)
Juki: Component Placement – Multi-Function (JM-100)
Kyzen: Cleaning Materials (Kyzen E5631)
Magnalytix: Process Control Tools (Magnalytix OE-250 SIR Testing)
Nihon Superior: Cored Wire (TipSave N)
Nordson Asymtek: Dispensing Equipment (Qadence)
Nordson Dage: First Article Inspection (Prospector)
Nordson Dage: Test & Inspection – AXI (Assure Stock Line)
Part Analytics: Software – Management (AI Driven Spend and RFQ Management)
Promation: Soldering – Alternative (Panda)
Rehm Thermal Systems: Soldering – Reflow (Vision TripleX)
Rohde & Schwarz: Test & Inspection – Functional Test (R&S NGM200)
Saki: Software – Production (Quality Driver Software Suite)
Viscom: Test & Inspection – AOI (3D AOI system S3088 DT)
VJ Electronix: Component Storage (XQuik III)
Weller Tools: Soldering – Hand Tools (Weller Active Tip Range)


Aculon: Coatings/Encapsulants (NanoProof 8.5)
AIM Solder: Cored Wire (RX18 No Clean Wire Solder)
ANDA Automation: Cleaning Equipment (In-Line AP-460 Atmospheric Plasma)
ASYS Group Americas: Process Control Tools (RFID Setup Control)
BPM Microsystems: Software – Production (WhisperTeach+)
BTU International: Soldering – Reflow (Aqua Scrub Flux Management)
Data I/O Corp: Device Programming (Job Composer)
ESE: Screen/Stencil Printing (ESE US-2000XF Screen Printer)
Fuji America: Automation Tools (SmartWing Multi Axis Robotic Solution)
Hanwha Techwin: Automation Americas. Component Placement – High-Speed (HM520)
Henkel Corp.: Thermal Interface Materials (Bergquist Gap Pad TGP 7000ULM)
Henkel Corp.: Underfills (Loctite Eccobond UF 1173)
Juki: Component Placement – Multi-Function (RS-1XL)
Juki: Component Storage (Autonomous Material Handling System)
Juki: Labeling Equipment (Incoming Material Station)
Koh Young America: Software – Process Control (Ksmart Process Optimizer)
Koh Young America: Test & Inspection – SPI (KY8030-3)
Kurtz Ersa: Rework and Repair Tools (Ersa HR 600 XL)
Kurtz Ersa: Soldering – Selective (Ersa Versaflow 4XL)
Kyzen: Cleaning Materials (Aquanox A4727)
PVA: Dispensing Equipment (MR2 Metered Rod Dispenser)
Saki Americas: Test & Inspection – AOI (Saki Self-Programming (SSP) Software)
Scienscope: Test & Inspection – AXI (AXC-800 II)
Shenmao America: Flux (SM-862 Liquid Flux)
Thermaltronics USA: Soldering – Alternative (TMT-R9800S Soldering Robot)


Automation Tools: Fuji America (Fuji Smart Nozzle Cleaner)
Coatings/Encapsulants: Henkel Electronic Materials (Package-Level EMI Shielding Materials)
Component Placement – High Speed: Europlacer Americas (Atom 4 Pick and Place Machine)
Component Placement – Multi-function: Europlacer Americas (Atom 3 Pick and Place Machine)
Component Storage: Inovaxe (InoAuto Smart MSD Cart)
Cored Wire: Indium (Core 230-RC “No-Spatter” Robotic Cored Wire)
Device Programming: Data I/O (UFS Upgrade Kit for Lumen X)
Dispensing Equipment: Essemtec (Tarantula – Relentless All Terrain Jet Dispenser)
First Article Inspection: Yxlon (Cheetah EVO Plus Scalable X-Ray Inspection System)
Process Control Tools: Kyzen (Kyzen Analyst)
Process Innovation: Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. of America (Panasonic SPV, Paperless Cleaning Technology)
Rework and Repair Tools: Metcal (Connection Validation Robotic Soldering System)
Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment: Juki (G-Titan Automatic Screen Printer)
Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals/Consumables: Inovaxe (InoAuto Smart Stencil Rack)
Software – Process Control: Cogiscan (Factory Intelligence – Analytics)    
Software – Production: BPM Microsystems (WhisperTeach)    
Soldering Materials: AIM (REL22 M8 High Reliability Solder Paste)
Soldering – Reflow: R&D VaporTech (Smartphase Inline Vapor Phase Reflow System)
Soldering – Selective: Nordson Select (Integra 508.5 Selective Soldering System)    
Soldering – Other: Promation (Quick 9440IR-U Soldering Robot)
Test & Inspection – AOI: Test Research Inc. (TR7700Q 3D AOI System)
Test & Inspection – AXI: Viscom (Inspection System X7056-II)
Test & Inspection – SPI: CyberOptics (SE3000 SPI)
Underfill/Thermal Interface Materials: Henkel Electronic Materials (Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 1500RW Liquid, Peelable TIM for Easy Rework)


Henkel Electronic Materials (Coatings/Encapsulants)    
Kyzen (Cleaning Materials)
Yamaha Motor Corp. (Component Placement – High Speed)
Essemtec (Component Placement – Multi-function)
Juki Automation Systems (Component Storage)
Data I/O (Device Programming)
DELO Industrial Adhesives (Dispensing Equipment)
Kyzen (Process Control Tools)
Kurtz Ersa (Rework & Repair Tools)
Speedprint Technology (Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment)
Fuji America (Software – Management)
ASM (Software – Process Control)
Cogiscan (Software – Production)
Nihon Superior (Soldering Materials)
ITW EAE – Vitronics Soltec (Soldering – Reflow)
Kurtz Ersa (Soldering – Selective)
OK International/Metcal (Soldering – Hand Tools)
EVS International (Soldering – Other)
Viscom (Test & Inspection – AOI)
Dage Precision Industries (Test & Inspection – AXI)
Test Research Inc. (Test & Inspection – ICT)
Akrometrix (First Article Inspection)
Datest (Functional Test)
Kester (Flux)


ASM Assembly Systems (Automation Tools)
Palomar Technologies (Bonders)
Aculon (Coatings/Encapsulants)
Seika Machinery (Cleaning Equipment)
Kyzen (Cleaning Materials)
Fuji America (Component Placement – High Speed)
Kurtz Ersa (Component Placement – Multifunction)
Inovaxe (Component Storage)
Data I/O (Device Programming)
Techcon Systems (Dispensing Equipment)
Seika Machinery (Process Control Tools)
BEST Inc. (Rework & Repair Tools)
Speedline Technologies (Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment)
Datum Alloys (Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals/Consumables)
Europlacer Americas (Software – Management)
Kurtz Ersa (Software – Process Control)
Cogiscan (Software – Production)
Henkel Electronic Materials (Soldering Materials)
Kurtz Ersa (Soldering – Reflow)
ACE Production Technologies (Soldering – Other)
Kurtz Ersa (Soldering – Selective)
MIRTEC (Test & Inspection – AOI)    
Scienscope International (Test & Inspection – AXI)
STI Electronics (Training Materials)
Henkel Electronic Materials (Underfill/Thermal Interface Materials)


Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. of America (Automation Tools)
Aqua Klean Systems (Cleaning Equipment)
Kyzen (Cleaning Materials)
Fuji America Corp. (Component Placement – High Speed)
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. of America (Component Placement – Multifunction)
VJ Electronix (Component Storage)
Nordson Asymtek (Dispensing Equipment)
Indium Corp. (Flux)
SCS Coating Systems (Process Control Tools)
FSInspection (Rework & Repair Tools)
Apex Factory Automation (Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment)
Quick Tensioning Systems (Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals/Consumables)
Mentor Graphics/Valor (Software – Management)
Vi Technology (Software – Process Control)
BTU International (Software – Production)
The Electronics Group of Henkel (Soldering Materials)
EVS International (Soldering – Other)
ACE Production Technologies (Soldering – Selective)
ViTrox Technologies (Test & Inspection – AOI)    
ViTrox Technologies (Test & Inspection – AXI)
Parmi (Test & Inspection – SPI)
STI Electronics (Training Materials)


Dispensing Equipment: Nordson Asymtek (Spectrum II S2-900 Series)
Soldering - Reflow: ERSA (Hotflow 4/26)
Soldering Materials: Henkel Electronic Materials (90iSC Alloy and Loctite Multicore HF212 Flux Medium)
Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment: Juki Automation Systems and GKG Asia (GL Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer)
Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals: Aculon (NanoClear)
Component Placement – Multifunction: Essemtec (Paraquda)
Soldering – Selective: Juki Automation Systems and Inertec (Cube)
Software – Process Control: Cogiscan (Factory Intelligence Monitoring Module)
Test & Inspection – AOI: MIRTEC (MV-7 Omni 2D/3D In-Line AOI)
Test & Inspection – AXI: ViTrox (V810 XXL In-Line 3D AXI)
Rework & Repair Tools: Metcal (Metcal HCT2-120 Digital Hot Air Pencil)
Software – Production: Panasonic Factory Solutions (PanaCIM)
Cleaning Materials: Kyzen (Aquanox A8830 Low VOC Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Agent)       
Bonders: Palomar Technologies (8000i Wire Bonder with i2Gi)
Automation Tools: Count On Tools (StripFeeder Modular (.mod) System v. 2)
Adhesives: Henkel Electronic Materials (Loctite TAF-8800 Thermal Absorbent Film)
Test & Inspection – ICT: Seika Machinery (FA1240-51 Flying Probe Tester)
Test & Inspection – SPI: Parmi (Sigma X)
Soldering – Other: EVS International (EVS 500)
Component Placement – High-Speed: Juki Automation Systems (RX-7 High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter)
Device Programming: Data I/O (PSV7000)
Test & Inspection – Functional Test: Nordson Dage (Camera Assist Automatic Bondtesting)
Cored Wire: Nihon Superior (SN100C (031) Pb-free Flux-Cored Solder Wire)


Process Control Tools: Microscan (Mini Hawk Xi)
Screen/Stencil Printing: Speedprint (SP710avi with Advanced Dispense Unit)
Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals: Count On Tools (ezLOAD PCB Support System for Screen Printers)
Cleaning Equipment: Austin American Technology (NanoJet Aqueous Inline Cleaning System)
Device Programming: BPM Microsystems (2800ISP Semi-Automated In-System Device Programmer)
Dispensing Equipment: Nordson Asymtek (NexJet System)
Test & Inspection – AOI: Mirtec Corp. (MV-9 2D/3D In-Line AOI Series)
Test & Inspection – ICT: Acculogic (Ultimate Accuracy Package for Flying Scorpion)
Test & Inspection – Functional Test: Multitest Elektronische Systeme (InStrip 3D)
Test & Inspection – AXI: VJ Electronix (Vertex II X-Ray Inspection System) 
Test & Inspection – SPI: Parmi (SPI HS70)
Soldering Materials: Nihon Superior (SN100C P604 D4 Solder Paste)
Automation Tools: Count On Tools (Stripfeeder .mod Series)0
Component Placement – Multifunction: Universal Instruments (FuzionXC2-37 Platform) 
Soldering – Reflow: Rehm Thermal Systems (Vision XP 934 Quad Lane Convection Reflow Oven)
Soldering – Selective: ACE Production Technologies (ACE KISS-205 Selective Soldering with In-Line Concurrent Processing)
Cleaning Materials: Kyzen (Aquanox A4639 Electronic Assembly Aqueous Solution)
Labeling Equipment: Cogiscan (Murata Magicstrap for PCB RFID Tracking Integrated with Cogiscan TTC Middleware)
Software – Process Control: Viscom (SPI-AOI Uplink)
Soldering – Other: EVS International (EVS 10K Solder Recovery Machine)
Coatings/Encapsulants: FCT Assembly (NanoCoat Multilayer System)
Rework & Repair Tools: Air Vac Engineering (PCBRM100)
Flux: AIM (NC277 Liquid Flux)
First Article Inspection: CGI Americas (Newly n=1 First Article Inspection System)


Process Control Tools: Cognex (DataMan 500)
Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment: Speedprint (Speedprint SP700avi)
Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals: Seika Machinery (Sawa Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner SC-AH100F-LV Low-VOC Model)
Cleaning Equipment: Aqueous Technologies (Trident XLD)
Device Programming: Data I/O Corp. (RoadRunner 3 with FIS)
Dispensing Equipment: GPD Global (PCD Dispensing on MAX Series Platform)
Test & Inspection – AOI: CyberOptics Corp. (QX100)
Test & Inspection – ICT: Datest (SPEA 4060 Flying Probe Tester with Goepel Boundary Scan)
Test & Inspection – Functional Test: Agilent Technologies (Agilent TS-8900)
Test & Inspection – AXI: ViTrox Technologies (V810 In-Line 3D AXI) 
Soldering Materials: AIM (NC259 Solder Paste)
Automation Tools: LPKF Laser & Electronics (LPKF MicroLine 1120 P)
Component Placement – Multifunction: Assembléon America (iFlex) 
Component Placement – High-Speed: Juki Corp. (Sentry)
Soldering – Reflow: Speedline Technologies (Closed Loop Nitrogen Control)
Soldering – Selective: SEHO Systems (AOI System to be embedded in Selective Soldering Machine)
Cleaning Materials: Kyzen Corp. (Aquanox A4638)
Labeling Equipment: Cogiscan (LabelScan Automated Vision System)
Software – Production: Juki Corp. (Juki IS NPI+ Bundle) 
Software – Process Control: Microscan (AutoVISION Machine Vision Software)
Soldering – Other: EVS (EVS 7000LFHS Solder Recovery System Redesign)
Cored Wire: Nihon Superior (SN100C (551CT) Lead-Free Flux-Cored Solder Wire)
Coatings/Encapsulants: Semblant Inc. (SPF (Semblant Plasma Finish))
Rework & Repair Tools: Christopher Associates (Magnus HD Trend)
Soldering – Wave: KIC (KIC 24/7 Wave)
Surface Treatment: Dow Electronic Materials (Circuposit Hole Prep 4126 Sweller)


Process Control Tools: KIC (MVP – Manual Virtual Profiling Fixture)
Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment: Milara (TD2929)
Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals: DEK (Nano-ProTek)
Cleaning Equipment: Aqueous Technologies (Trident Zero)
Device Programming:
BPM Microsystems (2800 Concurrent Programming System)
Dispensing Equipment:
GPD Global (PCD Dispensing)
Test and Inspection – AOI: CyberOptics (QX500 AOI System)
Test and Inspection – ICT: Datest (SPEA 4060 Flying Probe Tester)
Soldering Materials: FCT Assembly (NL930PT Pin Probable Solder Paste)
Automation Tools: Count On Tools (LED Nozzle Series)
Component Placement – Multifunction: Essemtec (Cobra SMT Pick-and-Place)
Component Placement – High-Speed: Universal Instruments (Advantis 3 Platform)
Soldering – Reflow: BTU (Pyramax with Dual Lane Dual Speed Capability)
Soldering – Selective: Juki (FlexSolderWave FSW620-EF)
Cleaning Materials: Kyzen Corp. (Aquanox A4705)
Labeling Equipment: ASYS Group Americas (Insignum 2000)
Software Production: ASYS Group Americas (Simplex: Natural User Interface)
Bonders: Palomar Technologies (3800 Die Bonder)
Software/Process Control: Speedline Technologies (SPI Print Optimizer)
Soldering – Other: EVS International (EVS 7000LFHS)
Cored Wire: Nihon Superior (SN100C (044) Solder Wire)
Coatings/Encapsulants: Henkel Electronic Materials (Macromelt OM341)
Rework & Repair Tools: VJ Electronix (SRT Micra)
Software – Management: Mentor Graphics (Valor vManage Materials Manager)
Flux: Nihon Superior (NS-F900)
Test and Inspection – AXI: Christopher Associates (Akila XR-3 PCB Inspection System)
Final Finish: Dow Electronic Materials (Aurolectroless SMT-520)
System Modeling and Simulation Tools: National Instruments (NI Multisim 11.0.1)
Design Verification Tools: National Instruments (NI Multisim Component Evaluator)
PCB Design Tools: Allied Electronics (DesignSpark PCB)
Laminates: Rogers (RT/duroid 6035HTC)
Registration and Tooling: XACTPCB Ltd. (XACT X-section)


Automation Tools: Production Solutions Inc. (RED-E-SET Ultra HD)
Cleaning Equipment: Aqueous (Trident Quad)
Cleaning Materials: Kyzen Corp. (Aquanox A4703)
Component Placement-High-Speed: Assembléon (MC-24X)
Component Placement-Multi-Function: Europlacer (XPii-II SMT Assembler)
Device Programming: Data I/O (FlashCORE III)
Labeling Equipment: Polyonics (XF-781 Thermal Transfer Printable Polyimide)
Materials-Flux: FCT Assembly (NC160 Flux)
Process Control Tools: KIC (e-Clipse Thermocouple Attachment)
Rework/Repair Tools: R&D Technical Services (Vaporworks 24 Rev 2)
Screen/Stencil Printing: DEK International (VectorGuard Platinum Dual Layer Stencil)
Software-Production: Panasonic Factory Solutions Co of America (PanaCIM Enterprise Edition)
Software-Process Control: Microscan (TTC Solution)
Software-Management: Valor (MSS)
Soldering-Materials: Cobar Solder Products (Aquasol)
Soldering-Reflow: Speedline Technologies (OmniMax Reflow Soldering System)
Soldering-Selective: Juki Corp. (Inline Flex Solder W510)
Soldering-Wave: SEHO Systems (SEHO Real-Time Fluxer Control)
Soldering-Other: EVS International (EVS 9000 Solder Dross Recovery Solution)
Test & Inspection-ICT: Acculogic Inc. (FLS980Dxi Flying Scorpion)
Test & Inspection-AOI: Koh Young (Zenith 3D AOI System)
Adhesives: Henkel Corporation (Hysol Eccobond CA3556HF)
Laminates: Rogers Corporation (RO4360 Thermoset)
Imaging: WKK Distribution Ltd. (X-Pose SM120 Exposure System)
System Modeling and Simulation Tools: National Instruments (NI Multisim 11.0 Circuit Simulation & Analysis Software)
PCB Design Tools: Sunstone Circuits (PCB123)2009


Automation Tools: ASYS (FIFO Buffer System FPS30B)
Cleaning Equipment: Speedline Technologies (Electrovert’s Aquastorm 100)
Cleaning Materials: Kyzen Corporation (Aquanox A4241)
Component Placement - High-Speed: Juki Corp. (FX3)
Component Placement - Multi-Function: Juki Corp. (JX100)
Device Programming: BPM Microsystems (Flashstream –C)
Dispensing Equipment: Asymtek (DispenseJet DJ-100)
Labeling: Polyonics (Product Sentry)
Materials-Flux: Nihon Superior (NS-F850)
Process Control Tools: KIC (RPI)
Rework/Repair Tools: VJ Electronix (400ST)
Screen/Stencil Printing: Milara (TD2929 Automatic Inline Printer)
Screen/Stencil Printing: Assembléon (Yamaha YGP)
Software-Production: Juki Corp. (Intelligent Shopfloor Solutions)
Soldering-Materials: Henkel Corporation (Multicore LF700)
Soldering-Reflow: Heller Industries (Mark 3.5 Series)
Soldering-Selective: Juki Corp. (Flex Solder Series)
Soldering-Other: EVS International (EVS 7000 Solder Dross Recovery)
Test & Inspection-AXI: Dage Precision Industries (Dage XD7600NT100)
Test & Inspection-ICT: Agilent Technologies (Cover Extend)
Test & Inspection-AOI: Mirtec Corp. (Mirtec MV-3L)
Underfills: Henkel Corporation (Hysol UF3800)
Soldering-Hand Tools: OK International (Metcal MX-5000 Series)


Automation Tools: Inovaxe (InoCart-MSD)
Cleaning Equipment: Aqueous Technologies (Trident)
Cleaning Materials: Kyzen (Aquanox A4625B)
Component Placement–High-Speed: Siemens (SIPLACE X4i)
Component Placement–Multi-Function: Europlacer (iineo)
Device Programming: BPM Microsystems (Flashstream)
Dispensing Equipment: Ovation Products (Stinger)
Labeling: Polyonics (Polyimide Label Stock)
Materials-Flux: Nihon Superior (NS-F850)
Process Control Tools: ECD (Megam.o.l.e. 20 Thermal Profiler)
Rework/Repair: R&D Technical Services (Vapor Works 24)
Screen/Stencil Printing: ICON Technologies (ICON i8)
Software-Management: Optimal (Optel)
Software-Process Control: DEK (Instinctiv V9)
Software-Production: Juki (OPASS)
Soldering-Materials: Nihon Superior/Balver-Zinn/DKL/FCT (SN100C)
Soldering-Reflow: Speedline Technologies (Electrovert IFC)
Soldering-Selective: Juki (Juki 350)
Soldering-Other: EVS International (EVS 1000 Solder Recovery System)
Test & Inspection–AXI: VJ Electronix (Vertex Series "A")
Test & Inspection–ICT: Everett Charles Technologies (Gemini Spring Pin)
Test & Inspection–AOI: Mirtec (MV-7L)
Underfills: Henkel (Loctite 3508)

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