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"Five Things to Know Before Choosing an Embedded Data Acquisition Device"

Successful data acquisition for barcode reading or part inspection depends on the ability of the data acquisition device, such as a barcode reader or machine vision camera, to function at peak performance within the restrictions of the application. In applications where barcode reading or machine vision inspection processes are embedded inside of equipment, limited integration space puts a unique set of restric¬tions on how a device can be installed, not to mention demands on the size and capabilities of the device itself. Before installation, it is important to choose a device with optimal specifications to ensure inspections can be done accurately and consistently throughout the life of the machine. This white paper outlines the five things an engineer should know before choosing a data acquisition device for embedding into equipment, including:

1. Barcode Type and Orientation

2. Inspection Requirements

3. Application Speed

4. Integration Space

5. Data Communication Needs

by Microscan

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