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"Metrics, Chaos, and Relationships in Electronics Manufacturing Outsourcing"

By Matt Chanoff, Senior Consultant, Technology Forecasters Inc.

This white paper is an introduction to and spin-off from a larger, ongoing effort that Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) has undertaken to assess and benchmark the performance of outsource manufacturing companies, both electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturer (ODM), worldwide.

The purpose of this White Paper is to lay out a practical framework for identifying and understanding “best practices” as they relate to electronics outsource manufacturing, without attempting to assess the performance of any specific manufacturers.

This is a long-term, cumulative, project, and it is designed to benefit from multiple interviews undertaken over time, in order to discern changes and trends
in outsourcing practices. TFI is interviewing globally and including manufacturers of all sizes but is focusing solely on the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
perspective: What, from the perspective of OEMs, are the best practices of their outsourcing partners? What are the best practices OEMs employ to maximize
the benefits of outsourcing? The value of this approach is that it allows OEMs that currently outsource to benchmark the performance and services of their
partners, their internal manufacturing, and their in-house outsource management against the performance and services obtained by their competitors and peers.
OEMs that do not currently outsource, or that may increase the scope of their outsourcing, can gain insight into services and the level of service available. EMS
and ODM companies can compare their offerings with those of competitors and can identify areas of improvement or investment.


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