ARLINGTON, VA – JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has announced significant updates to the JEP30 PartModel Guidelines, including all reference documents and related XML Schema files. JEP30 and its constituent documents are available for free download from the JEDEC website.

JEP30 establishes requirements for the frictionless digital exchange of part data between part manufacturers and their end customers responsible for electrical and electronic products creation. The JEP30 guidelines define a standardized format that can be efficiently consumed across different CAD tools and environments. By defining a common framework for part model creation and verification and helping to ensure different tools can accurately interpret and utilize the models created by the full spectrum of part manufacturers, JEP30 offers a transformative resource for both component manufacturers and designers.

The updated JEP30 part model guidelines can be used to define the digital twin of a part with the detail to enable significant process efficiencies throughout the part and product life cycles, including design, manufacturing, quality control, test, material declaration, and supply chain.

“The JEP30 PartModel is truly a disruptive technology that will revolutionize the way system design companies develop and manufacture their products by enabling the automation of manually intensive functions, prone to human error, that are prevalent in today’s electronics design environment,” said Michael Durkan, JEDEC task group chair and PartModel sponsor. “The PartModel is a secure, trusted digital container provided by component manufacturers that will streamline the design process by eliminating dependencies and establish integrity of part information at every step of a product’s lifecycle.”

For all forms of electronic parts, JEP30 guidelines define the XML structure for the assembly process classification, electrical, physical, thermal, material declaration, and supply chain characteristics including product change notices and product discontinuance. The guidelines are designed to be completely scalable to cover components available on the market today as well as new parts that emerge in the future.

“The increasing speed of innovation have mandated new technologies along the systems value chain to keep pace,” said Mian Quddus, chairman of the JEDEC board of directors. “The enablement of component manufacturers to create standardized digital part models that can be easily used by designers and engineers in all varieties of electronic systems, will help propel an industry forward with next-level digitalization and automation.”

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