HOUSTON -- Alert Tech, a technology company based in Houston, has launched a new surface mount technology division, specializing in low-volume printed circuit board development and assembly.

Alert Tech SMT was founded as a retail technology OEM in 1992, and over the years added inhouse SMT and full box build. The company has performed ODM work for Motorola  Solutions for more than 15 years.

"I know how hard it is to get attention as a low-volume customer when contract manufacturers are focused on massive builds," said Brian Laney, vice president of sales and product, Alert Tech SMT. "We set out to be the contract manufacturer we wished we had."

Today, Alert Tech SMT supports clients in the aerospace, oil and gas, industrial tech, military and defense, and non-invasive medical device industries. The company has a team of inhouse engineers, is ISO 9001, and has an international sourcing office to provide boots-on-the-ground quality control in China.

"The value we can bring to domestic manufacturers is enormous," said Laney, adding that customer service is at the core of each project. "We're going to make our customers happy; it's in our DNA. Aside from our culture of customer satisfaction and our commitment to continual improvement, we have adopted and implemented the best systems for quality and traceability that exist in the market."

Alert Tech SMT's integrated five-step process prioritizes efficiency and accuracy, making it simple for clients across industries to upload design and material files, track progress throughout the development, fabrication and testing stages, and receive completed materials quickly. Post-build project reports are also available. Services and areas of expertise include part sourcing and qualification, integrated board design, inspection, quality control, obsolesce and end of life (OEL) redesign and FCC certification consulting.

To learn more about Alert Tech SMT's services and process, visit

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