TAIPEI – Foxconn experienced a ransomware attack at its Mexican facility last month, according to reports.

The company hasn’t acknowledged the attack, but multiple industry publications, including IndustryWeek and CRN, noted the EMS company’s servers were hacked and damaged.

The attack was reportedly executed by a ransomware company named DoppelPaymer, which is showing what it purports to be leaked Foxconn business documents and reports on its website.

The attackers are calling for $34.7 million in Bitcoin payments.

According to CRN, a DoppelPaymer ransom note on Foxconn’s servers said, “Your files, backups and shadow copies are unavailable until you pay for a decryption tool. If no contact [is] made in 3 business days after the infection, [the] first portion of data will be shared to [the] public … and all the rest will remain unreachable to you.”

After Foxconn upgraded its information security level, the firm says its internet connection at the facility has gradually returned to normal.

The ransomware attack had limited impact to its operations, Foxconn added.


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