IRVINE, CA – TopLine today announced the completion of an acquisition of Daisy Chain Flip Chip Test Wafers from General Motors Components Holdings.

Daisy chain components are essential for evaluation and developmental applications including placement and solder practice, as well as underfill experiments and life-cycle testing.

The deal included a series of thermal die that permits Kelvin connections to heat up and monitor temperature changes. The series of thermal die was originally developed by Kokomo Semiconductors to characterize packaging technologies.

The acquisition includes more than 1200 finished daisy chain wafers ranging in pitch from 102um to 254um; I/O range from 88 bumps to 9100 bumps with die sizes from 5mm to 25mm square. Pad patterns include perimeter as well as full array geometries.

Test die without solder bumps can be used in applications such as wire bonding practice and certification.

TopLine CEO Martin Hart stated that he is pleased with the process employed by GMCH to conduct negotiations and consummate the sale. "Thanks to this acquisition, TopLine will provide daisy chain test die to a wide range of customers who will be doing developmental work."

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