FAYETTEVILLE, AK — KeytronicEMS says its leased factory here is on the block and the manufacturer is uncertain whether it will be able to stay.

Local Keytronic management says it prefers to stay, and even expand, but with the fate of the building out of its hands, its options may be limited. Keytronic does not intend to purchase the building.

Keytronic assumed the lease when it acquired CDR Manufacturing (dba Ayrshire Electronics) in 2014.

The operation employs more than 220 workers, about half what another plant Keytronic acquired at that time employs in Corinth, MI, about 400 miles east. The Corinth plant has one of the largest footprints of EMS operations in the US, and an expansion plan us underway.

City officials said they'd like to keep Keytronic local but have limited incentives to offer.

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