Mek's ISO-Spector S3 series of 5-D solder paste inspection systems offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features.

Is a progression from the Mek S2 SPI system, utilizing multiple projector technology to calculate solder height information. Uses a 360° ring light to accurately extract the outline of solder paste on PCBs and ensure precise inspections. Incorporates Z Axis Auto-Focus technology that measures PCB warpage during inspection and automatically adjusts the camera height. Also offers live SPC data for printing trends and distribution histograms to enable swift diagnosis of printing issues, is fully compatible with the Mek Catch system and facilitates closed loop integration with stencil printers and pick and place machines. Features customizable resolution options for versatility in inspection capabilities, plus an adjustable touch screen that can be moved up to 10° upwards and 25° downwards to allow operators to find the most ergonomic position. Is able to create inspection programs from Gerber data in as little as 3 min., and uses offline programming software to achieve part number registration using mount data. Accommodates PCBs up to 510 x 510mm, with ample clearance on both the top and bottom sides.

Marantz Electronics

Mek ISO Spector S3

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