Henkel's Loctite Eccobond UF 9000AE is designed to protect large die within flip-chip BGA (FCBGA), high-density fan-out (HD-FO), and 2.5-D advanced packaging devices.

Completely envelops fine-pitch, low gap height die interconnects for rigid protection against stress, and low shrinkage and toughness provide die and underfill crack resistance, while low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) protects against warpage. Also features low resin bleed out and forms narrow fillets, allowing the dense die integration inherent in advanced packaging techniques. Is said to demonstrate 20% faster flow on a 40mm x 40mm die, and edge-to-edge capillary flow efficiency ensures interconnect encapsulation prior to any material gelation. Has been validated on die as large as 50mm x 50mm and within packages up to 110mm x 110mm.



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