ASMPT's Virtual Assist is an AI-based expert system offering support for all onboarding, service ,and maintenance activities in electronics production.

Can be operated via an Android/IOS app or a browser, is adaptive and collects practical experience from the service staff throughout the whole enterprise. Features natural language processing (NLP) technology, meaning users can ask spoken questions and get them answered based on the system’s steadily growing knowledge database. Features flexibly scalable licensing model and is available in three expansion stages. Basic level always includes the documentation of ASMPT machines, but can also feature use of structured and unstructured data to provide clear results through tutorials, troubleshooting guides and Q&As. Any documentation can be uploaded to create company-specific know-how collections for rapid troubleshooting or efficient training, and with expanded functions such as the scanning and identification of devices, can also function as a logbook and archive all service activities and problem resolutions that have been performed.


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