Jean-151 SN100CV solder paste is halide-free and classified according to J-STD-004A as ROL0. SN100CV is high-reliability variant of silver-free SN100C series.

Is designed for applications like e-mobility and can maintain fatigue strength of solder joint during aging processes at higher temp. loads. By adding 1.5% bismuth, results in long-term reliability. Reportedly exceeds standard Pb-free alloys’ reliability standards for industrial and high-reliability (automotive) applications. Does not contain silver. Cold slump behavior achieves excellent printing results, especially in fine-pitch applications. Residues are clear and do not spread. In addition to SN100CV alloy, Jean-151 in combination with SN100C, SCANGe071 and SAC 305 alloy is ideal for standard processes for the consumer, industrial and automotive sector.

Balver Zinn

SN100CV SAC305 Vergleich Luft N2 600DPI

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