Multi-Cure 9037-F encapsulant cures in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light and has secondary heat cure for shadow areas caused by high-profile components on PCBs.

Features improved flexibility and resiliency for glob-top, chip-on-board, chip-on-flex, chip-on-glass, and wire-tacking/bonding applications. Is suited for encapsulation of critical components on flex and rigid PCB materials such as FR-4, Kapton and glass, and contains no sharp, abrasive, mineral, or glass fillers to abrade fine wires. Has moisture and thermal resistance, for use as a corrosion guard for wirebond connections in battery management systems. Additional uses include encapsulation of components on PCBs found in automotive ADAS and infotainment systems, aerospace and defense applications, and consumer electronics. Formulated with blue fluorescing technology, it is visible on encapsulated PCB modules when exposed to low-intensity blacklight.

Dymax Corp.

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