Qadence is a closed-loop system that automatically compensates for viscosity changes during conformal coating.

Combines capabilities of conformal coating hardware and software to apply coating to specific areas of a PCB consistently throughout production. Maintains stable fluid application, flow rates, and performance by automatically compensating for viscosity changes related to temperature, humidity, and batch-to-batch variation. Eliminates need for frequent operator adjustments and downtime to recalibrate process. Ensures quality of coating application with set process limits to achieve target flow rates and precise application volumes. After process limits are set, target flow rates are monitored. If process falls outside precise application volumes, a control routine is activated to make corrective adjustments. Traceability is built in as data and measurements are tracked and can be exported and evaluated by SPC software. Flow Calculator in EasyCoat 6 software calculates target flow rate. A 1-hr. setup can be completed in 30 min. and a 30-min. setup in less than 10 min. Each valve is separately controlled. Is compatible with the Select Coat SL-940 conformal coating system, EasyCoat 6 software, and Nordson Asymtek conformal coating applicators.

Nordson Asymtek


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