Master Bond UV22DC80-10F is a single-component, nanosilica-filled thixotropic compound featuring a UV- and heat-curing mechanism.

Viscosity is 8,000-12,000cps at 75°F (~23°C). Reportedly provides dimensional stability and superior physical strength properties. Is optically clear and offers the ability to be cured in shadowed out areas. Is designed to cure in 10-30 sec. at 365nm with 10-40mW/cm2 of UV output. Post cure is 180°F (~80°C) for 30-60 min. Is serviceable from -60° to 350°F (-51° to 177°C) and offers a coefficient of thermal expansion of 30-35 x 10-6 inch/inch/°C. Is 100% solids and is not oxygen-inhibited. Capable of curing up to thicknesses of around 0.050". Can be used for bonding, sealing, coating and glob-top type applications. Has a refractive index of 1.52 at 589nm.

Master Bond

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