EVS 7000 and 9000 solder recovery systems replace EVS 3000 and 6000. Are designed like EVS 1000, integrating new-generation features. Are said to have smaller size, footprint and easier access for maintenance. Offer capacities of 10 kg/20 lb. (7000) up to 20 kg/44 lb. (9000). 9000 is for single operation dedrossing of large wave soldering machines. Has integrated Hopper Extraction System said to speed dedrossing times up to 75%. Both feature an enclosed automated system. Hot dross is loaded into the large hopper and sealed. The process recovers solder into a tray in the form of ingots placed back into the solder pot; spent dross is deposited automatically to a covered dross bin. Air is extracted via a standalone, multi-part filtration system. Cycle takes six minutes plus cooling.
EVS International,
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