• Cover Article
    High Stakes: Reworking High-Precision, High-Reliability Boards
    Successfully reworking high-reliability assemblies is challenging, even for the most experienced of operators. However, it can be made easier and safer by deploying the right tools and safeguards.
    Franck Bitton

  • Lead Free
    Avoiding Tin Whisker Reliability Problems
    Fighting tin whiskers involves knowing the available mitigation strategies and risk analysis based on lead spacing.
    G.T. Galyon and Ron Gedney

  • Focus on Business
    Covert Money Losses in Outsourcing
    Understanding the less obvious sources of wasted money in OEM/EMS manufacturing relationships.
    Edwin B. Smith, III

  • Component Placement
    Automatic Recognition of Electronic Components
    Automatically recognizing electronic components can reduce rejected components and increase placement accuracy, yields and surface-mount line throughput.
    Gallagher Donovan Pryor, Alex Goldstein, Allen Tannenbaum

  • Focus on HDI/Advanced Technology
    Current Trends in Optoelectronics
    EMS providers and equipment suppliers are working together to make high-volume optoelectronic component manufacturing a reality.
    Bruce W. Hueners and Paleerat Lakawathana


  • Editorial

  • On the Forefront
    Phil Zarrow

  • Emerging Technology
    Dr. Ken Gilleo

  • Ask Les
    Les Hymes

  • Problem Solved
    Peter Bollinger


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