March 2009 cover


  • Thermal Transfer
    Understanding IPC-9850
    Heat dissipation, accomplished by thermal management techniques, is necessary to keep device temperatures within safe operating limits. Effective thermal management prevents damage to temperature-sensitive internal components, as well as premature shutdown and even system failure. It also can improve performance by enabling assemblies to run at higher speeds.
    By Chris Dobrowolski

  • Cover Story
    Electronics as a Solution for Sustainability
    Instead of eliminating potential pollutants from electronics, perhaps it’s time the electronics industry saw itself as a solution for climate change.
    By Markus Stutz and Robert C. Pfahl, Jr.

  • Board Repair
    Optimizing Outsourced Medical Equipment Repair Depot Support
    Medical repair depot has a level of complexity far greater than that of consumer products. For OEMs, the repair depot can be a source of hidden cost or a source of added revenue. The defining factor is the efficiency of the reverse logistics strategy.
    By Scott Mauldin

  • Materials Reporting
    How REACH Impacts Electronics Components Use
    The latest EU directive requirements are massive and involve manufacturers and importers of chemicals, compounds and articles. Here are seven basic points about REACH that every manufacturer of electronics assemblies selling product in Europe must understand.
    By Steve Schultz




  • Getting Lean
    Plant layout and other lessons of Lean.
    Chris Munroe


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On the Cover: iNemi's latest roadmap takes aim at product sustainability.

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