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  • The Hidden Factory
    Eliminating Muda: One Company’s Journey
    When the Milwaukee Electronics Companies decided to implement Lean manufacturing principles in 2003, its implementation team thought the major benefit would be increased throughput on the manufacturing floor. While those goals were achieved, the most significant lesson learned was the true bottleneck lay in supply-chain management.
    By Don Sivilotti

  • Cover Story
    Selective Wave Soldering DoE to Develop DfM Guidelines for Lead and Pb-Free Assemblies
    The reduced pallet opening size on a selective wave solder pallet hampers the ability to successfully fill PTH barrels, a problem amplified when using Pb-free alloy due to differences in fluid properties. An intensive DoE finds several ways to quantify the impact of design, component spacing and hole-fill criteria in terms of DPMO.
    By Makram Boulos, Craig Hamilton, Mario Moreno, Ramon Mendez, German Soto and Jessica Herrera

  • Test Developments
    Overcoming Limited Access at ICT
    A new novel technology delivers in-circuit test stimulus signals via a boundary scan device, a method said to reduce the number of ICT probes needed to test all the board components – and the ICT system cost, too.
    By Jun Balangue





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On the cover: A DoE offers optimized solder pallet designs for selective soldering. (Photo courtesy Celestica)

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