• Quality Control
    Eliminating Board Defects
    Quality product starts with DfA and the master drawing. But fabricators and assemblers have their place, too.
    By Zulki Khan

  • SEA and NPI Awards
    ‘Inspiration to Innovate’
    The 2008 edition of Circuits Assembly’s Service Excellence Awards was notable for the continuing dominance of Aegis as it was for the ascent of several previously under-the-radar EMS companies who made their mark for the first time. Plus: The NPI Award makes its debut.
    By Chelsey Drysdale

  • Cover Story
    Evaluating Manufacturability and Operational Costs for New Conformal Coating Processes
    Higher density components and smaller footprint layouts make the conformal coating process more challenging in terms of achieving acceptable first-pass process yields and cost-effective cycle times. This study of seven assembly process variables identified the three most critical variables and their impacts.
    By Jason Keeping


  • Caveat Lector
    Connecting the bumps.
    Mike Buetow

  • Talking Heads
    DEK's John Hartner.
    Mike Buetow


  • Focus on Business
    The longer, the better?
    Susan Mucha

  • Global Sourcing
    Slapped by the “invisible hand.”
    Jennifer Read


  • Screen Printing
    A 55° squeegee angle enhances print quality.
    Clive Ashmore

  • Reflow Soldering
    Yield improvement, one defect at a time.
    Ursula Marquez de Tino

  • Test and Inspection
    No test points? No problem.
    Chris Jacobsen

  • Process Doctor
    Brush cleaning, clarified.
    Terry Munson

  • Pb-Free Lessons Learned
    When prevention isn’t an option.
    Chrys Shea

  • Getting Lean
    View to a thrill.
    Robert Hemmant

  • Materials World
    RoHS compliance versus Pb-free capability.
    Dr. Renzhe Zhao

  • Technical Abstracts


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On the cover: Novel test procedures and processes demonstrate that comparisons among various cleaning agents, masking materials, coating materials and application equipment can be made. (Photo courtesy Asymtek)

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