July 2005 cover


  • Process Improvement
    Reducing BGA Defects with AXI Inspection
    How large can a BGA void be and still be considered acceptable? This study established the ideal sensitivity setting for catching BGA voids.
    Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph.D., Eduardo Toledo, Jonathan Jian and Murad Kurwa

  • ROHS Compliance
    RoHS and the Supply Chain
    The time is at hand to switch to lead-free parts. What are the issues involved?
    Chris Reynolds

  • IC Testing
    The Basics of Boundary Scan
    Eliminate ICT and functional test while reusing test data.
    Stefan Meissner

  • Ag Solderability
    Wetting Characteristics of Pb-Free Alloys of Interest
    Regardless of flux, silver-containing alloys can achieve acceptable wetting at high temperatures.
    Anna Lifton, Ronald A. Bulwith and Louis M. Picchione

  • Cover Story
    Stencil Design for Pb-Free SMT Assembly
    The new process will require a few tweaks from SnPb standards.
    Chrys Shea

  • Optical Inspection
    Pb-Free Flip Chip and CSP Inspection
    A review of failure analysis data for area arrays used in Pb-free soldering shows topside ball delamination that x-ray alone cannot detect. A new nondestructive optical inspection technology can, however.
    Mark Cannon and Juergen Friedrich





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On the cover: "Homeplate" apertures will be replaced by a variety of new designs. (David Gilder)

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