Transition Automation (North Billerica, MA) recently introduced the newest product in the Board-Lok tooling family: the Flex-Kit™ Board Support System. This product supports bare surface-mount boards when they are passed through the printing machine.

The system gives support over a range of board sizes from 2.5 in. to 17 in. wide. The kit is supplied with four sections that may be set side by side in various widths, which provides 15 possible combinations.

The system gives nearly full area support for varying product widths, which allows for better process parameters such as cycle speed and print accuracy.

Ergonomics and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection are central to the product design. Support elements are lightweight, rugged and visible. Magnets and optional tooling pins secure the system into position. Each of the different sections of the system is able to nest within one another.

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