Edward Ostroff

Inducted May 2016

While at Raytheon in the 1970s, Edward Ostroff (1927-2018) co-invented the first practical RFID transponder (called RayTag) ("Remotely powered transponders," US Patent 3,745,569), opening the door to what is now a standard tracking tool in manufacturing factories worldwide.

Held a degree in engineering from City College of New York and attended graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Worked primarily for Raytheon and MITRE. Held 11 patents in all (others included Air Traffic Control Radar, a magnet to remove foreign objects from the eye during surgery, a computing apparatus that makes Doppler Radar Systems work by continuously monitoring the navigational position of a vehicle. Authored "Solid-State Radar Transmitters.


Edward Ostroff

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