• Procurement
    'Re-Sourcing' Outsourced Electronics
    It's called a "priceberg": 80% of the risk may be hidden below the waterline in startup and ramp-down, where management costs per units sold tend to be the highest. Building a harmonious, minimally disruptive dual-sourcing strategy requires an understanding of priceberg composition.
    Ed Grimes

  • Customer Service
    What Your Field Service Representative Wants You to Know
    They are like firefighters. When you need them, you need them now. The results can be tense, technical – and funny.
    Frank Murch

  • PCB Design Trends
    Understanding Outsourced PCB Layout
    Here are an EMS provider's insights into the stages of PCB layout, for which key components include corporate standards and OEM-EMS collaboration.
    Paul Barsley

  • Cover Story
    Maintaining Customer Satisfaction during EMS Acquisition Integration
    Customers of EMS firms aren't buying an end product; they are buying the capabilities, systems, processes and internal culture used to manufacture their product. This in turn puts pressure on the EMS company to manage expectations – and move quickly.
    Todd Baggett

  • Case Study: Preforms
    In the Hot Zone
    In the competitive oil and gas drilling industry, a project's success – and a company's reputation – can hinge on seemingly insignificant variables such as a few degrees of temperature on a circuit board. That was quite literally the issue facing a major oil-exploration company as it performed data-collection tests at a client's wells sunk deep in the Indian Ocean.
    Cheryl Ross


  • Caveat Lector
    Where will you be next fall?
    Mike Buetow

  • Talking Heads
    Juki Automation Systems' Bob Black.
    Mike Buetow


  • Focus on Business
    Formal programs for sharing customer information.
    Susan Mucha


  • On the Forefront
    Anorexic packaging.
    E. Jan Vardaman

  • Screen Printing
    Automated stencil inspection.
    Clive Ashmore

  • Better Manufacturing
    Getting what you want.
    Peter Grundy

  • Tech Tips
    Lowering wire bonding defect rates below 100 ppm.
    American Competitiveness Institute

  • Wave Soldering
    The role of eutectics.
    Gerjan Diepstraten

  • Test and Inspection
    Using x-ray laminography on PTH joints.
    Jeremy Jessen

  • Process Doctor
    Dendritic growth.
    Terry Munson

  • Equipment Advances
    Inovaxe's inventory control tools.

  • Technical Abstracts


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On the cover: EPIC's wave solder equipment changes profiles based on each assembly's bar codes. (Photo courtesy EPIC Technologies)

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